Aug 2 – 13, 2021
Europe/Zurich timezone


During the school, participants will work on small projects in groups of 3-4.

Proposed topics are:

  1. To CCQE and Beyond: characterising neutrino interactions [PDF]
    (Stephen Dolan)
  2. Supernova Hunting [PDF]
    (Irene Tamborra)
  3. Leptonic CP Violation [PDF]
    (Silvia Pascoli)
  4. Sterile Neutrinos [PDF]
    (Silvia Pascoli)
  5. Coherence in Neutrino Oscillations [PDF]
    (Joachim Kopp)
  6. Sensitivity Studies with GLoBES [PDF]
    (Joachim Kopp)
  7. The Hunt for Red October [PDF]
    (Patrick Huber)
  8. Are Neutrinos Dirac or Majorana Particles? [PDF]
    (Joachim Kopp, based on ideas by Boris Kayser)
  9. Calculating Core-Collapse Neutrino Event Rates in Realistic Detectors [PDF]
    (Kate Scholberg)
  10. Two Subtleties Concerning Neutrino Masses and Oscillations [PDF]
    (Gabriela Barenboim)
  11. Solar and Atmospheric Neutrinos [PDF]
    (André de Gouvea)
  12. Neutrino Oscillations in Matter [PDF]
    (André de Gouvea)
  13. Neutrino Communication [PDF]
    Joe Formaggio
  14. Mössbauer Neutrinos [PDF]
    Joe Formaggio
  15. Making a Neutrino Beam
    (Mary Bishai)

On the last two days of the school, each group will give a 5-minute presentation on their results.

Throughout the school, the lecturers as well as the organizers will be available for questions and discussions.