12 April 2021 to 7 May 2021
Europe/Madrid timezone

The Invisibles21 School will take place online from April 12th to May 7th, 2021 as a midmorning activity for about one hour and a half each day. It preceeds the online Invisibles21 Workshop.

The Invisibles21 School is jointly organized by the Horizon 2020 Marie Curie ITN network HIDDeN, which continues the series of “Invisibles” events started in 2012 (Horizon 2020 Marie Curie ITN network Invisibles, Horizon 2020 Marie Curie ITN network Elusives and the Horizon 2020 RISE network InvisiblesPlus).                   

Lecture topics include:

  • SM & Higgs - Veronica Sanz
  • Flavour & EFT - Jernej Kamenik
  • Neutrinos - Pilar Hernandez
  • Dark Matter - Yonit Hochberg

Several tutorial sessions will be organized, where students will further discuss the topics covered in the lectures within an informal environment.


  • SM & Higgs - Rachel Houtz
  • Flavour & EFT - Olcyr Sumensari
  • Neutrinos - Ivan Estaban
  • Dark Matter - Miguel Escudero

Please click the link to join the Zoom School: https://zoom.us/j/96921833564?pwd=QWtRNkNoelQzdFQ4ZDZXMURPT1VGdz09
Meeting ID: 969 2183 3564
Passcode: 006919

The common zoom chat is not available. If you have questions/comments on the lectures, you can use the private chat with the organizers who will do their best to make your questions/comments heard.

Note: If you found the Zoom room full, a YouTube channel will be available to follow the Lectures in streaming: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmjgtR6aH7eph8u_WQkzRBg 

Assistant Certificate: In case you need it, please send us an email (invisibles21@uam.es) with your name and last name, and your institution or university name.

The Invisibles21School is organized in the context of the Horizon 2020 funded project HIDDeN. HIDDeN is a European ITN project (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2019//860881-HIDDeN) focused on revealing the (a)symmetries we have yet to discover, hence hidden (a)symmetries, and the particles on which they act, in particular the invisible sector, made of neutrinos, dark matter and other elusive particles. It has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 860881-HIDDeN”. 

Virtual visits associated to Invisibles21 School will take place online organized by Prof. Olga Mena.

CERN Virtual Visit (April 16th): https://fnal.zoom.us/j/4247288034?pwd=NDhJZDVaN0dTQ213SEJTNWV2MGRMUT09

CMS Virtual Visit (April 23rd): https://indico.cern.ch/event/1020031/


Management Team: Rebeca Bello, Chabely Prats, Mónica Vergel.

Email: invisibles21@uam.es

Phone: +34 912 999 892


This project has received funding /support from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska -Curie grant agreement No 860881-HIDDeN


For more information about the ITN HIDDeN, please visit https://hiddeneu.eu/