August 23, 2021 to October 7, 2021
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μNet Status Report

Aug 25, 2021, 5:25 PM
Room 3

Room 3


Mr Michael Petropoulos (


μΝet aims for the deployment and long-term operation of an extensive school network of educational Cosmic Ray telescopes in the geographical area of Peloponnese. In the framework of μNet, an extended educational program will take place, encompassing educational activities for the construction, testing and operation of μCosmics (microCosmics) detectors, as well as for the remote operation of cosmic ray detection stations and astroparticle physics experimental devices deployed at the Hellenic Open University (HOU) campus. A pilot run of the μNet project started in 2020 aiming for the deployment and operation of a small school network in the prefecture of Achaia. In this report we present briefly the design of the μNet project and report on the results and findings of the pilot run.


Petropoulos Michael, M.Sc., PhD Candidate, School of Science and Technology, Physics Laboratory, Hellenic Open University

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Dr Antonios Leisos Dr Apostolos Tsirigotis Mr Michael Petropoulos (

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