August 23, 2021 to October 7, 2021
Venue: OAC conference center, Kolymbari, Crete, Greece. Participation is possible also via internet.
Europe/Athens timezone

Payments Overview

Details of payments

Payment can be done via bank transfer  to "Academia Europaea - Bergen" (Den Norske Bank)

Payment details are:

Bank Account Owner: Academia Europaea - Bergen
Allegaten 55, 5007 Bergen, Norway
VAT: 991 221 182
Bank Name: DNB Bank
Bank Address: Torgallmenningen 2, 5020 BERGEN
(Norsk Kontonummer: 15034464135)
Account Number IBAN: NO42 1503 4464 135
The official name and address of the holding bank are:
DNB Bank ASA Kontoadministrasjon, Retail Oslo 0021, Norway
The main postal address of the bank is:
DNB Bank ASA, Postboks 1600 Sentrum, 0021 Oslo, Norway

With the following message: ICNFP2021, Name of the participant

Note: Academia Europaea - Bergen is a non-profit organization and is not required to pay VAT in Norway.

Please, send us proof of your payment (electronic receipt, photo or scan of the receipt) with payment description (name of the participant, payment information such as "accommodation", "meals", conference fee payment, etc.) to with a copy to the main conference email This will help us very much.

Conference fee for presenters of talks per internet:

From now till 25 July 2021 conference fee: 250 EURO for Doctors, 150 EU for students
From 25 July 2021 conference fee: 285 EURO for Doctors, 185 EU for students
The conference fee includes:

  • Publication of the contributed papers
  • OAC fee of 60 euros

Conference fee for participants with a presentation in physical presence:

From now till 25 July 2021 conference fee: 400 EURO for Doctors, 300 EU for students
From 25 July 2021 conference fee: 435 EURO for Doctors, 335 EU for students
The conference fee includes: 

  • Publication of the contributed papers
  • Conference dinner
  • Conference excursion
  • Social events
  • Bus transportation from and to Chania airport on the arrival and departure days (23 August and 3 September 2021). There will be no transport from Heraklion Airport, which is 167 km from Kolymbari.  
  • Everyday bus hotel-OAC-hotel 

The conference fee amount is independent of the duration of stay of the delegate and therefore it is also independent of the participation in the conference dinner or the excursion.

For those staying in OAC, there is no "OAC fee" to pay, we would like to remind you that the "OAC fee" is only for people who stay in the hotels and for people that are internet speakers.

For those staying in a hotel:
there is the additional cost of 35 EU per day to be paid to OAC (OAC fee) mainly for the use of OAC conference and partially for coffee breaks. It should not be paid for the days of official arrival, departure and conference excursion. These participants are expected to pay for at least 3 days of this fee (even if they stay for one day).

Participants in hotels that wish to have meals should pay in advance of the conference (15 EU per meal)

To reserve a room in OAC consult the Info - Accommodation page

Excursion Fees

Please look under item "Conference excursion" for a more detailed explanation of the excursions.

Excursion fee for the excursion to Chania:
10 EU per person for everyone for the bus transport (also for children)

Main conference excursion:
For the main conference excursion, the participants do not pay as it is included in the conference fee.

For accompanying persons:

Excursion fee for excursion 1 (Knossos and Museum of Heraklion) for accompanying persons:

  • More than 17: 45 Euros
  • More or equal than 5 and less or equal than 17 years old: 35 Euros
  • 2-5 years old: 20 Euros

You must have your passport with you during the visits.

Excursion fee for excursions 2 and 3 (Monasteries and beach excursions) for accompanying persons:

  • Adults and children more than 5 years old: 40 Euros
  • 2-5 years old: 20 Euros

Additional Fees for accompanying persons

Conference dinner fee for accompanying persons (not staying in OAC): 30 Euro.
Conference dinner fee for accompanying persons (staying in OAC): 15 Euro. Transportation from/to the airport for all accompanying persons who need a sit: 15 EU.

Financial support

The conference offers limited financial support mainly for young students as well as post-doctoral researchers with up to 5 years of scientific experience after their Thesis.

However, interested persons (of all ages) can apply by email to the conference email with:

  • the subject of the email: "Request for financial support ICNFP 2021"
  • a short application letter with what you need
  • scan of your passport (with the birth date visible)
  • a curriculum vitae, including the date of the Thesis defence if any, and the age of your PhD Thesis diploma (if any) (with the date visible)
  • if you are a student or postdoc, please arrange for a letter of reference to be sent to the conference email with the subject "Reference Letter for (candidates name) ICNFP 2021"