Technical University Vienna

Technical University Vienna

Gußhausstraße 25-29, 1040 Wien
Alexander Fuss, Felix Wagner (HEPHY Vienna), Florian Reindl (Vienna University of Technology (AT)), Margarita Kaznacheeva

Welcome to EXCESS22@IDM, a satellite workshop of the IDM 2022 conference!

This is the 3rd iteration of the EXCESS workshop. The workshop was initiated in 2021 to discuss sharply rising low energy event rates observed by various rare event search experiments. While the first two iterations discussed observations and interpretations of the excesses, this event will focus on:

  • Updates from experiments (excess data, hypothesis tests, etc.)
  • Individual contributions (excess interpretations, proposed tests, etc.)
  • Outreach to entire dark matter community

While some talks will be by invitation, we also encourage everyone to submit an abstract with your individual work on the low energy excess signals.

The event is scheduled as a satellite meeting within the IDM conference, however, participation in the conference is no requirement to attend the workshop. Also talks by people who's work is not focused on dark matter are encouraged!


This workshop will be held in-person in Vienna, the location of the IDM 2022 conference: the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the Technical University Vienna (TU Wien). On the workshop date, the path from the entrance of the building to the workshop location will be marked. For further information, see https://indico.cern.ch/event/922783/page/20348-venue

There is no organized lunch, but the main conference page does list suggestions for lunch places: https://indico.cern.ch/event/922783/page/20351-lunch


Please consider the information at the main IDM website for Hotels: https://indico.cern.ch/event/922783/page/20355-hotels

Partner Hotels of the IDM conference are informed, such that bookings are already possible starting from July 15.

Important dates:

  • 17. March: Abstract submission opens
  • 16. May 30. May --> Abstract submission closed
  • 2. June: Author notification 
  • 9. July: Registration closes
  • 16. July: Workshop date


There will be workshop proceedings, published together with the IDM proceedings in SciPost.

Previous workshops:



  • Alden Fan
  • Alexander Fuss
  • Alvaro Chavarria
  • Angelina Kinast
  • Anna Bertolini
  • Athoy Nilima
  • Belina von Krosigk
  • Chloé Goupy
  • Christian Strandhagen
  • Daniel Baxter
  • Daniel Mckinsey
  • Dominik Raphael Fuchs
  • Felix Wagner
  • Florian Reindl
  • Francesca Pucci
  • Francisco Vazquez de Sola
  • Geon-Bo Kim
  • Hugues Lattaud
  • Imran Alkhatib
  • Jochen Schieck
  • Jong-Chul Park
  • José Luis Carrasco Huillca
  • Jules Gascon
  • Kelly Stifter
  • Lena Meyer
  • Leonie Einfalt
  • Madeleine Zurowski
  • Margarita Kaznacheeva
  • Martin Stahlberg
  • Matti Heikinheimo
  • Mohammad Barati
  • Moritz Andreas Lackner
  • Nicole Schermer
  • peter cameron
  • Rituparna Maji
  • Samir Banik
  • Sarah Gerster
  • Sergey Pereverzev
  • Shubham Gupta
  • Shubham Gupta
  • Thierry Lasserre
  • Valentina Novati
  • Valentyna Mokina
  • Vanessa Zema
  • Vasile Mihai Ghete
  • Youssef Sarkis