Xmas Theoretical Physics Workshop @Athens 2022

from Wednesday, December 21, 2022 (9:00 AM) to Thursday, December 22, 2022 (4:30 PM)
Central Building of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Amphitheater Alkis Argyriadis)

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Dec 21, 2022
Dec 22, 2022
9:00 AM --- Welcome ---
9:30 AM Effective Field Theory for Everything - Dr Athanasios Dedes (University of Ioannina)   (Amphitheater Alkis Argyriadis)
10:15 AM Computing anomalous dimensions of strongly-coupled CFTs from supergravity - Emanuel Malek   (Amphitheater Alkis Argyriadis)
11:00 AM --- Coffee break ---
11:30 AM Carroll, Cotton and Ehlers - Marios Petropoulos   (Amphitheater Alkis Argyriadis)
9:30 AM Dark matter, bound states and unitarity - Kalliopi Petraki   (Amphitheater Alkis Argyriadis)
10:15 AM Finite Features in Holography - Dionysios Anninos   (Amphitheater Alkis Argyriadis)
11:00 AM --- Coffee break ---
11:30 AM SMEFT as a probe of New Physics at the LHC - Eleni Vryonidou   (Amphitheater Alkis Argyriadis)
12:15 PM Partonic Structure from Lattice QCD - Kostas Orginos   (Amphitheater Alkis Argyriadis)
1:00 PM --- Lunch break ---
2:30 PM A late gravitational transition as an approach to the tensions of the standard cosmological model - Leandros Perivolaropoulos   (Amphitheater Alkis Argyriadis)
3:00 PM Conformal Bootstrap universality between c>25 and c<1 two-dimensional CFTs - Ioannis Tsiares   (Amphitheater Alkis Argyriadis)
3:30 PM Massive black hole assembly in nuclear star clusters - Konstantinos Kritos   (Amphitheater Alkis Argyriadis)
4:00 PM Cobordism Conjecture and new objects in string theory - Andriana Makridou   (Amphitheater Alkis Argyriadis)
12:15 PM Uncovering the Structure of the ε Expansion - Andreas Stergiou   (Amphitheater Alkis Argyriadis)
1:00 PM --- Lunch break ---
2:30 PM Universal Manifestations and Modelling of Bose-Einstein Condensation: from atomic and condensed matter, to cosmological scales - Nikolaos Proukakis   (Amphitheater Alkis Argyriadis)
3:00 PM Extreme Black Holes: Anabasis and Accidental Symmetry - Achileas Porfyriadis   (Amphitheater Alkis Argyriadis)
3:30 PM Damping of Pseudo-Goldstone Fields - Vaios Ziogas   (Amphitheater Alkis Argyriadis)
4:00 PM Gravitational Effective Field Theory Islands and the Four-Graviton Amplitude - Dimitrios Kosmopoulos   (Amphitheater Alkis Argyriadis)