Fixed target experiments at LHC - strong2020 workshop

Le Râteau (Centre Paul Langevin)

Le Râteau

Centre Paul Langevin

Aussois, Vanoise Massif, France
Cynthia Hadjidakis (Université Paris-Saclay (FR)), Pasquale Di Nezza (INFN e Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati (IT))

The STRONG-2020 work package "Fixed target experiments at LHC" organizes a workshop to review the activities on the topic. 

The STRONG-2020 project brings together many of the leading research groups and infrastructures involved today in studying the strong interaction in Europe. Also, it exploits the innovation potential in applied research by developing detector systems with applications beyond fundamental physics, e.g., for medical imaging and information technology.

The FTE@LHC workshop will take place at Aussois in France before the Quarkonia as Tools workshop. We will have in total four sessions on physics, phenomenology and hardware. 

Previous FTE@LHC workshops took place in 2022, 2021 and 2019

Zoom information:

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The cost for the workshop and for three nights (Wednesday-Saturday) is 360€ (full board accommodation) and it also includes all the meals, the coffee breaks, the rental of the conference room, etc.

If you stay one night less/more, remove/add about 100€ (The centre will take care of this). The default way is to directly pay at the centre (cash or card). Other options should be analysed case by case (and you should inform us as early as possible).


Travel informations: 

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  • Anton Safronov
  • Bakur Parsamyan
  • Charlotte Van Hulse
  • Chiara Lucarelli
  • Chiara Oppedisano
  • Daniel Kikola
  • Jean-Philippe Lansberg
  • Kay Dewhurst
  • Kevin Pressard
  • Laure Marie Massacrier
  • Marcin Patecki
  • Maria Vittoria Garzelli
  • Maxim Nefedov
  • Mengzhen WANG
  • Pasquale Di Nezza
  • Sara Sellam
  • Saverio Mariani
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