Heavy Ion Collisions in the LHC Era

Quy Nhon, Vietnam

Quy Nhon, Vietnam

Carlos Albert Salgado Lopez (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (ES)), Francois Arleo (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR)), Jean Tran Thanh Van, hady schenten (R)
Heavy Ion Collisions in the LHC Era will focus on the physics of proton-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus collisions at RHIC and LHC energies. Results accumulated by the RHIC/LHC experiments and recent theoretical developments will be presented on the following topics:
  • A: Global and Collective Dynamics
  • B: Jet quenching
  • C: Heavy Flavor and Quarkonia Production
  • D: Electroweak Probes
  • E: QCD at High Temperature and Density & Phase Diagram
  • F: Pre-equilibrium and Initial State Physics

We will aim to achieve a balance between review talks given by recognised specialists, and shorter contributions, special emphasis being placed on active participation by younger researchers and post-docs. Parallel sessions are foreseen, and are being organised as the need arises.

This will be part of a series of international meetings held regularly in Vietnam, created by Jean Tran Thân Van in 1993. Their purpose is to stimulate the development of advanced research in Vietnam and more generally in South East Asia, and to establish collaborative research networks with Western scientific communities. All sessions take place in the Seagull Hotel, where participants are also lodged. Meals are served in the hotel to all participants.

Financial support

The conference is supported in part by the ExtreMe Matter Institute EMMI at GSI, Darmstadt (Germany), the grant PARTONPROP from the French funding agency ANR, and the European funding agency ERC.

  • Andreas Ipp
  • Carlos Salgado
  • Che-Ming Ko
  • Christoph Blume
  • Elena Gonzalez Ferreiro
  • Francois Arleo
  • Gastao Krein
  • Guillaume Beuf
  • Hao Qiu
  • Hirotsugu Fujii
  • Hyunchul Kim
  • Ilkka Helenius
  • In-Kwon Yoo
  • Jean Tran Thanh Van
  • Jean-Paul Blaizot
  • Jian-Xiong Wang
  • Jorge Casalderrey Solana
  • Kazunori Itakura
  • Klaus Werner
  • Lamia Benhabib
  • Livio Bianchi
  • Marcella Bona
  • Marcus Bluhm
  • Marlene Nahrgang
  • Masayuki Asakawa
  • Nestor Armesto
  • Ngoc Diep Pham
  • Nicole Bastid
  • Pasquale Di Nezza
  • Pengfei Zhuang
  • Qun Wang
  • Rajeev S. Bhalerao
  • Sangyong Jeon
  • Sarah Campbell
  • Shougaijam Somorendro singh
  • Shusu Shi
  • Sourendu Gupta
  • Stephane PEIGNE
  • Takafumi Niida
  • Tapan Nayak
  • William Llope
  • yogesh Kumar