1-6 May 2016
Europe/Paris timezone

B_c decays from highly improved staggered quarks and NRQCD

3 May 2016, 12:25
Riou/Planier (Marseille)



1 rue Neuve Saint Martin 13001 MARSEILLE - FRANCE


Andrew Lytle (University of Glasgow)


We use both non-relativistic QCD (NRQCD) and fully relativistic formalisms to calculate semileptonic form factors for the decays B_c -> eta_c lv and B_c -> J/psi lv over the entire q^2 range. To achieve this we employ a highly improved lattice quark action and at several lattice spacings down to a=.044 fm, which allow a fully relativistic treatment of charm and simulation of the full q^2 range with controlled continuum extrapolation. We have two ways of treating the b quark: either with an O(alpha_s) improved NRQCD formalism or by extrapolating a heavy mass m_h to m_b in the relativistic formalism. We find good agreement between these approaches which provides an important cross-check of our results.

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