Feb 9 – 13, 2009
Europe/Zurich timezone
<font color="darkblue" > School Dinner today Thursday at 19:30, CERN restaurant. Please bring your tickets </font>

General working group information

The working group sessions are open discussion forums focused on specific research topics. After a brief overview on some recent progress in the field, the participants will have the opportunity to interact directly with each other in an open discussion under the supervision of a moderator.

There will be several working groups in the RTN School (for further information, check the corresponding links in the main menu at the left of the page).

WG1: Progress on topological strings
WG2: 3D gravity theories and the Kerr/CFT correspondence
WG3: Super-Chern-Simons field theories, multiple M2 branes, BLG models and tri-algebras
WG4: Type IIA superstrings in AdS_4 x CP^3 background
WG5: Condensed matter applications of AdS/CFT
WG6: F-theory phenomenology

The working groups will take place in the afternoons of Tuesday Feb 10th, Wednesday Feb 11th, and Thursday Feb 12th. Please check the links in the main menu, or the timetable, for the detailed schedule.

You can attend any working group, even if you did not select it upon registration.

Please keep in mind that working groups are intended to trigger interactive discussion, and hence are targeted to participants familiar with the topic or even working on it. They are not an additional set of lectures.
However, interested participants (especially young ones) not working in the field should not feel discouraged to attend, but rather encouraged to prepare in advance. We advice that you read the recommended references, or contact the working group organizers/moderators concerning the required background.