Feb 9 – 13, 2009
Europe/Zurich timezone
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WG4: Type IIA in AdS_4 x CP^3

Working group 4: Type IIA superstrings in AdS_4 x CP^3 background.

Organizers: I. Bakas, S. Penati, D. Sorokin

Moderators: Silvia Penati, Maria Schimpf, Linus Wulff

Date, time, and location: Wednesday 11th 16:00h, AB auditorium (room 6-2-024)

According to the Aharony, Bergman, Jafferis and Maldacena (ABJM) construction, at strong coupling, M-theory on AdS_4 x S^7/Z_k can be effectively described by type IIA superstring theory on the AdS_4 x CP^3 background which preserves 24 out of 32 supersymmetries. To understand this new example of holography, one needs, to determine the spectrum of the corresponding string theory. We plan to discuss issues of the derivation of the explicit form of the superstring action in the AdS_4 x CP^3 superbackground and applications of this action to the study of the AdS_4/CFT_3 correspondence from the string side.


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