Feb 9 – 13, 2009
Europe/Zurich timezone
<font color="darkblue" > School Dinner today Thursday at 19:30, CERN restaurant. Please bring your tickets </font>

Scientific Program

The programme includes five series (4 hrs each) of lectures on:  

- "Gravity and hydrodynamics", M. Rangamani (Durham U.)
- "Condensed matter applications of AdS/CFT", S. Hartnoll (Harvard U.)
- "The black hole information problem and the fuzzball proposal", S. Mathur (Ohio St. U.)
- "Cosmology", V. Mukhanov (LMU, Munich)
- "BSM physics at the LHC", F. Zwirner (U. Padova)

In addition, there will be several working groups taking place in the afternoons of Tuesday 10th and Thursday 12th. The working group sessions are open discussion forums focused on specific research topics. After a brief overview on some recent progress in the field, the participants will have the opportunity to interact directly with each other in an open discussion under the supervision of a moderator.
The information on the working groups can be found in the links on the main menu.