Feb 9 – 13, 2009
Europe/Zurich timezone
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WG5: AdS/CFT and condensed matter

Working group 5: Condensed matter applications of AdS/CFT

Organizers: M. Gomez-Reino, S. Hartnoll, F. Marchesano, G. Villadoro

Moderators: S. Hartnoll, A. O'Bannon, M. Rangamani

Date, time, and location: Thursday 12th, 16:00h, AB auditorium (room 6-2-024)

The AdS/CFT correspondence has become a useful tool for investigating strongly coupled field theories. The best known example is N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory at infinite 't Hooft coupling which has been frequently used to model the behavior of strongly coupled gauge theories. This strong-weak coupling duality has many important applications. Indeed, among other achievements, it has improved (at least at a qualitative level) our understanding of some properties of the QCD quark-gluon plasma. More recently these holographic ideas have been applied to conformal field theories arising other contexts. In particular the AdS/CFT correspondence may be used as well to study strongly coupled conformal field theories which arise at quantum critical points in condensed matter systems.

The aim of this working group will be thus to discuss these recent applications of the AdS/CFT correspondence, and is intended to be complementary to the lectures by Sean Hartnoll. To launch the discussion, we will first briefly review the state of the art regarding applications to CMT and/or QCD. Then we will focus on discussing some of the most relevant ideas/computations that have recently appeared in the literature in the context of applications to condense matter systems. Finally, we will have a free discussion on what to expect from these new developments and open questions.

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