Feb 9 – 13, 2009
Europe/Zurich timezone
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WG1: Progress on Topological Strings

Working group 1: Progress on Topological Strings

Organizers: M. Huang, M. Herbst, S. Pasquetti, N. Orantin, J. Walcher

Moderators: A. Brini, D. Krefl, M. Huang, M. Marino , ...

Date, time, and location:
Session 1: Non-compact CY: Wednesday 11th 16:00h, room 60-6-002
Session 2: Compact CY: Thursday 12th 16:00h, room 60-6-002

Topological strings capture both holomorphic information about Calabi-Yau backgrounds of conventional superstrings, as well as valuable lessons about string dynamics in general. Various dualities relate topological strings to matrix models, topological field theories, and other toy models of quantum gravity. Recent progress on topological strings includes, among others, an improved understanding of perturbation theory up to very high order, the matching with integrability in matrix models, the quantitative evaluation of non-perturbative effects, and the contribution from background D-branes. A related development is the physical interpretation of the wall-crossing formula of Kontsevich and Soibelman. A selection amongst these and other topics will have to be made based on the expertise of participants.