Jul 20 – 24, 2015
Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies
Europe/Berlin timezone

A quantum cosmic censorship

Jul 21, 2015, 4:00 PM
Lecture Hall (FIAS)

Lecture Hall



Roberto Casadio (Alma Mater Bologna University)


We propose to investigate the Cosmic Censorship Conjecture in the quantum domain by means of the horizon wave-function (HWF) formalism applied to a spherically symmetric Gaussian state. When the charge-to-mass ratio q<1, the formalism allows for a straightforward quantum mechanical description of both inner and outer horizons. For q>1, where the classical theory predicts a naked singularity, one can still obtain a normalisable HWF below a critical value q^2~2, with a non-vanishing probability of being a black hole instead. However, the HWF is not normalisable above q^2~2, and the uncertainty in the location of the horizon blows up there, signalling that such states are indeed not well-defined and most likely very unstable.

Primary author

Roberto Casadio (Alma Mater Bologna University)


Dr Octavian Micu (Institute of Space Science)

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