12-18 June 2016
Lund University
Europe/Zurich timezone

Charged Higgs bosons in the extended supersymmetric scenario at the LHC

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Lund University

Lund University

Sandgatan 2, Lund, Sweden
Talk Higgs physics in the Standard Model and beyond Higgs


Priyotosh Bandyopadhyay (INFN - National Institute for Nuclear Physics)


Charged Higgs boson certainly is a proof of physics beyond the standard model.
LHC has been searching for the charged Higgs boson in the standard decay modes of
tau, nu. The doublet like charged Higgs boson in 2HDM and MSSM can be produced either
from top quark decay or b gluon fusion for light and heavy charged Higgs bosons. The
mass limits coming from these standard productions and decay channels
are often can be changed due to a different decay modes as well different production processes. Specially when the charged Higgs boson is in the triplet representation of $SU(2)$, it does not couple to fermions and can decay to $Z, W^\pm$ bosons. This particular vertex also give rise to vector boson fusion to charged Higgs boson. Similarly presence of light pseudoscalar in NMSSM or TNMSSM, give rise to additional decay mode to a light pseudoscalar and $W^\pm$. We discuss such phemenologies at the LHC and how to distinguish different possible representation in which Higgs bosons can stay.

Primary author

Priyotosh Bandyopadhyay (INFN - National Institute for Nuclear Physics)

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