ICFA Mini Workshop on High Order Modes in Superconducting Cavities 2016

from Monday, 22 August 2016 (07:00) to Wednesday, 24 August 2016 (18:00)
Warnemünde (Konferenzsaal A)

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22 Aug 2016
23 Aug 2016
24 Aug 2016
08:00 Registration   (Konferenzsaal A)
08:30 Introduction and Logistics - Ursula Helga Van Rienen   (Konferenzsaal A)
Design of SRF Cavities and HOM Effects (until 10:00) (Konferenzsaal A)
09:00 Design of the 9-cell superconducting cavity for EUV light source accelerator - Taro Konomi (KEK: High Energy Accelerator Research organization)   (Konferenzsaal A)
09:30 Review of Higher Order Modes Effects in the LCLS-II Superconducting Linac - Arun Saini   (Konferenzsaal A)
10:00 --- Group Foto ---
10:10 --- Coffee Break ---
HOM-based Diagnostics (until 11:40) (Konferenzsaal A)
10:40 Conspectus of HOMs in SC Cavities: BPMs and Damping - Roger Jones (Univ Manchester/Cockcroft Inst.)   (Konferenzsaal A)
11:10 HOM Characterization for Beam Diagnostics at the European XFEL Injector - Nicoleta Baboi (DESY)   (Konferenzsaal A)
11:40 --- Lunch Break ---
Student Session (until 10:30) (Konferenzsaal A)
09:00 Eigenvalue Tracking for the Sensitivity Analysis of Higher Order Modes - Niklas Georg (TU Darmstadt)   (Konferenzsaal A)
09:30 Cavity design study for the Higgs and Top running modes of the FCC-ee - Shahnam Gorgi Zadeh (Universitaet Rostock (DE))   (Konferenzsaal A)
10:00 Wakefield Calculation in Dielectrically Lined Rectangular Waveguides Based on a Semi-Analytical Eigenmode Expansion - Franziska Reimann (University of Rostock)   (Konferenzsaal A)
10:30 --- Coffee Break ---
Invited Speakers (until 12:00) (Konferenzsaal A)
11:00 HOMs for Deflecting/Crabbing Cavities - Subashini De Silva (JLAB)   (Konferenzsaal A)
11:30 Numerical investigation of external losses in superconducting radio-frequency cavities - Johann Heller (University of Rostock)   (Konferenzsaal A)
HOM Damping Schemes (until 10:30) (Konferenzsaal A)
09:00 HOM Damping in Superconducting 1.4 GHz Harmonic Cavity for APS Upgrade - Sanghoon Kim (Argonne National Laboratory)   (Konferenzsaal A)
09:30 Novel Ridge Waveguide HOM Damping Scheme for High Current SRF Cavity - wencan xu   (Konferenzsaal A)
10:00 Calculations of HOMs of a Third Harmonic Normal Conducting Cavity - Beatriz Bravo (CELLS)   (Konferenzsaal A)
10:30 --- Coffee Break ---
HOM Damping Schemes (until 12:30) (Konferenzsaal A)
11:00 HOM Considerations for Energy Recovery Linacs and other High-Currrent CW SRF Accelerators - Georg Hoffstaetter   (Konferenzsaal A)
11:30 HOM damping concepts of the bERLinPro Energy Recovery Linac Project - Axel Neumann (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin)   (Konferenzsaal A)
12:00 HOM analysis and HOM coupler preliminary design for CEPC - Hongjuan Zheng (IHEP)   (Konferenzsaal A)
Numerical Simulations for SRF Cavities (until 14:40) (Konferenzsaal A)
13:10 Electromagnetic Modeling and Eigenfield Analysis of Superconducting Cavities - Wolfgang Ackermann (TU Darmstadt)   (Konferenzsaal A)
13:40 Characterisation of HOMs Using GSM Method in Third Harmonic Accelerating Module of E-XFEL - Nirav Joshi (Cockcroft Institute, The University of Manchester)   (Konferenzsaal A)
14:10 Generation of a Compendium of Resonant Modes in the Chain of Third Harmonic TESLA Cavities for the European XFEL - Thomas Flisgen (University of Rostock)   (Konferenzsaal A)
14:40 --- Coffee Break ---
Numerical Simulations for SRF Cavities (until 17:10) (Konferenzsaal A)
15:10 Application of State-Space Concatenation Scheme to Chains of SRF Cavities - Tomasz Galek (Uni Rostock)   (Konferenzsaal A)
15:40 Study on HOM Damping Effects in SRF Cavities of the BESSY VSR Project - Andranik Tsakanian (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin )   (Konferenzsaal A)
16:10 Direct time-domain computation of wake fields at third harmonic module of the European XFEL - Igor Zagorodnov (DESY)   (Konferenzsaal A)
12:00 --- Lunch Break ---
Student Session (until 15:00) (Konferenzsaal A)
13:30 HOM-based Cavity Alignment Measurement at FLASH - Thorsten Hellert (DESY)   (Konferenzsaal A)
14:00 Pre-installation spectral response analysis of the HiLumi LHC crab cavity HOM couplers - Mitchell James Alexander (Lancaster University)   (Konferenzsaal A)
14:30 Higher Order Modes based Beam Phase Measurements at the European XFEL - liangliang shi (DESY)   (Konferenzsaal A)
15:00 --- Coffee Break ---
Discussion in Subgroups (until 17:30) (Konferenzsaal A)
15:30 Discussion   (Konferenzsaal A)
17:00 Meeting of Scientific Program Committee / Discussions on HOMSC16 Student Award   (Konferenzsaal A)
18:00 --- Workshop Barbecue Party ---
12:30 Closing Remarks - Ursula Helga Van Rienen   (Konferenzsaal A)