ILC-CLIC LET Beam Dynamics Workshop

6/2-004 (CERN)



The aim of the workshop is to review the status of the ILC and CLIC beam dynamics studies. It should foster code development and benchmarking between different codes as well with experimental data. In particular, the maximum use of the test facilities CTF3 and ATF2 will be discussed in detail. Further, the work programme for the future will be discussed with the emphasis on integrated studies and the preparation of the TDR for ILC and CDR for CLIC. If you would like to contribute or if you have any questions please contact: Kiyoshi Kubo ( Daniel Schulte ( Nikolay Solyak (
WebEx Tuesday Morning
WebEx Wednesday Afternoon
  • Adina Toader
  • Andrea Jeremie
  • Andrea Latina
  • Barbara Dalena
  • Benoit Salvant
  • Caterina Biscari
  • Christophe Collette
  • Christopher Glasman
  • Daniel Schulte
  • Dou Wang
  • Eduardo Marin Lacoma
  • Elena Rovenskaya
  • Erik Adli
  • Fanouria Antoniou
  • Frank Stulle
  • Helmut Burkhardt
  • jacques Payet
  • James Jones
  • Javier Resta Lopez
  • Jean-Francois Ostiguy
  • Jochem Snuverink
  • John Dale
  • Juergen Pfingstner
  • Kiyoshi Kubo
  • Miriam Fitterer
  • Nikolai Magnitskiy
  • Nikolay Solyak
  • Philip Burrows
  • Reine Versteegen
  • Riccardo Zennaro
  • Robert Appleby
  • Rogelio Tomas
  • Thibaut Lefevre
  • Thomas Touze
  • Vyacheslav Yakovlev
  • Yannis Papaphilippou