27 August 2017 to 9 September 2017
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Europe/Zurich timezone

CSC Live!


I am happy to announce that the following students have passed the CSC exam with distinction!

34 points out of 35:

  • Jochen Gemmler (KIT, Germany)
  • Christian Graf (Max Planck Institute, Germany)
  • Lukas Kreis (GSI, Germany)
  • Daniel Rauch (DESY, Germany)

33 points out of 35:

  • Pirmin Berger (ETH Zurich)
  • Miroslav Gabriel (Max Planck Institute, Germany)
  • Antoni Shtipliyski (Imperial College London, UK)

32 points out of 35:

  • Jonatan Adolfsson (Lund University, Sweden)
  • Kevin Floeh (KIT, Germany)
  • Felix Metzner (KIT, Germany)
  • Arne Reimers (University of Hamburg, Germany)
  • Miguel Hermo Serans (CERN)
  • Benedikt Würkner (CERN)
  • Wojciech Ziolek (CERN)

14 September 2017

CSC 2017 Movie

The CSC 2017 Movie is out! Enjoy: https://youtu.be/Jb6lqrV8XLM

8 September 2017

Photo Contest

Thank you to all the participants for your beautiful photos and congratulations to the winners! A big thank you to our fabulous international jury: Viktoria, Hannah, Nilou, Stefan and Wojciech that made this possible! Here are the runners-up and winners per category:


Runner-up: Nikos Kasioumis

Winner: Kristian Bjoerke

Humorous & Surprising

Runner-up: Ram Krishna Dewanjee

Winner: Benedikt Wurkner

Sports & Social

Runner-up: Nikos Kasioumis

Winner: Viktoria Hinger

School spirit

Runner-up: Alberto Pace

Winner: Natalia Karina Juszka

7 September 2017

Exam Results

The following students passed the CERN School of Computing exam:

Alexandra Schulte
Alexei Sytov
Andrei Patrascoiu
Antoni Shtipliyski
Arne Christoph Reimers
Bartosz Piotr Malecki
Benedikt Würkner
Carlos Eugenio Perez Lara
Chi-Hsun Wu
Christian Bourjau
Christian Graf
Coralie Neubuser
Daniel Rauch
Davide Pedretti
Denis Boyda
Dominic Blöch
Edoardo Maria Farina
Eleni Myrto Asimakopoulou
Ernst Hellbaer
Eva Brottmann Hansen
Felix Metzner
Francesca Capel
Francesco Peri
Hannah Short
Helle Gormsen
Hugo Gonzalez Labrador
Jochen Gemmler
Johannes Brandstetter
Jonatan Adolfsson
Julia Hrdinka
Julio Calvo Pinto
Kevin Marcel Floeh
Kristian Bjoerke
Lennaert Bel
Lukas Kreis
Marzieh Bahmani
Miguel Hermo Serans
Mikhail Sizov
Milene Calvetti
Miroslav Gabriel
Moritz Gelb
Natalia Karina Juszka
Navrit Bal
Niloufar Alipour Tehrani
Pirmin Berger
Ram Krishna Dewanjee
Ran Du
Remco Castelijn
Roberto Andrade Paredes
Scott Rowan
Servesh Muralidharan
Stefan-Gabriel Chitic
Thomas Madlener
Tobias Wegner
Toni Sculac
Ulf Bobson Severin Tigerstedt
Viktoria Hinger
Vojtech Simetka
Wojciech Ziolek

My warmest congratulations to all,
Sebastian Lopienski, School director.

7 September 2017

Photo Contest

Amateur photographer? Consider yourself the next Annie Leibovitz? Here's your chance to unveil your talent to the world, and win fabulous prizes.

¡¡ Enter the CSC Photo Contest !!


  • No more than 10 photos per person.
  • A jury member can submit photos.
  • Photos will be judged across 4 categories:
    • Surprising & humourous
    • Sports, activites & excursions
    • Artistic
    • School spirit

How to submit

1) Go to the CSC 2017 photo gallery at https://cern.ch/csc-photos/CSC2017/ and select   Filter  

2) Select yourself as the photographer and click  Apply 

3) For each photo that you want to submit, select it and copy the URL.

4) Paste the URL(s) into an email and send it to Nikos and Cath at computing.school(at)cern.ch

6 September 2017


Today's updates can be found at https://indico.cern.ch/event/581756/contributions/2705853/

5 September 2017

Official School Photo

Wednesday 13:45, it's the official School photo. This is where you will be immortalised - in 30 years' time people will look at the picture and say "Look! All the famous people! They were at CSC 2017 together!" - you get the idea. And please bring your fan :)


Everyone - please fill in the survey so we know how many to expect for the exam. Yes, this means you. Everyone.


Student presentations

Please fill in the survey if you are interested in giving a presentation.


4 September 2017

Video upload

If you want to upload videos, please go to:


This week's menu

More deliciousness this week.

In green, those dishes suitable for vegetarians. In addition, they will have "ensalada mixta" (mixed salad) everyday for vegetarians.

Your CSC lecturers

Latest additions to the CSC lecture team today are:

Ivica Puljak, from FESB University of Split, Croatia

Andreas Peters, from CERN

Francois Fluckiger, honorary scientist at CERN

Thomas Keck, from KIT

2 September 2017


The presentation from today's Updates can be found at https://indico.cern.ch/event/581756/contributions/2705776/

1 September 2017


The presentation from today's Updates can be found at https://indico.cern.ch/event/581756/contributions/2705673/

Saturday schedule

Breakfast starts at 7:45 (you get a slight lie-in :)

Our lectures are at the Paraninfo in the morning (where the opening ceremony was).

Your CSC lecturers

New faces in the CSC lecture team today are:

Eamonn Maguire, from Pictet Asset Management

Danilo Piparo, from CERN

31 August 2017


Today's "Updates" presentation can be found at https://indico.cern.ch/event/581756/contributions/2705669/ (or click on the "Updates" entry from the timetable)

Your CSC Lecturers

Welcome to Enric Tejedor, from CERN, who will be lecturing on Software Design.

30 August 2017

Madrid guided tour

We start at the Centro de Turismo  Plaza Mayor - see https://goo.gl/maps/V3uRd24baXG2

If you get separated from the group, we will reassemble in the Plaza Mayor to get the buses back to Galdos at 20h00 (buses will be at the same point they drop us off).

Sports afternoon (Thursday) - gear to bring with you

We are going to Embalse de San Juan - https://goo.gl/maps/p1m6MSKrmQ62

For everyone:

  • Dinner is outside in the evening
  • Bring a warm jacket/outerlayer

Temperatures are lower in the lake area, it WILL get chilly

Hiking & Archery: Appropriate clothing and sunprotection

  • sturdy shoes
  • wind/waterproof outer layer
  • suitablehiking/cycling shorts or trousers
  • sunglasses, water bottle, sunscreen etc.

Kayak or SUP

Bring clothes you don't mind getting wet and clothes to change into afterwards. More specifically:

  • sport shoes (or sturdy watersport sandals with clips/velcro)
  • no flip-flops
  • a windproof cagoule or K-Way or similar
  • light clothes (e.g. T-shirt, a light long-sleeved top)
  • full change of clothing (warmer clothes) for the dinner

Today's updates presentation can be found under the "Updates" entry at https://indico.cern.ch/event/581756/contributions/2705667/ (or click on the "Updates" entry from the timetable)


29 August 2017

Weekly menu for lunch at Montegancedo Campus canteen

In green are the dishes suitable for vegetarians.

Every day they may add a special dish for vegan/vegetarians, but we don't know what it is in advance.


Pub Quiz night

Yes! Hosted by your favourite MC's, Cath and Nikos aim to tax your brains to the limit, far beyond anything the CSC academic programme could ever offer.

We kick off at 21:15, in the Beer & Grill pub just up the road from Galdos.


Running routes near Galdos

Some ideas for routes can be found at:


Also good for elsewhere in Madrid - select an appropriate commune from the list (bottom right)

UPM Montegancedo Campus map

In case you're still getting lost around the campus:

28 August 2017

Your CSC lecturers

Monday, we have the pleasure of having our minds challenged and broadened by the following two long-established CSC lecturers:

Arnulf Quadt, from Universität Göttingen, Germany;

Bob Jacobsen, from University of California.

Tuesday will see a new lecturer, who will also double-up as our DJ on Friday night:

Andrzej Nowak, from TIK Services, Switzerland.

Connect to the Wifi network at UPM

The Wi-Fi network is called "CSC".

The Wi-Fi security is "WPA2 Enterprise" and the authentication "Protected EAP (PEAP)" with "MSCHAPv2".

No "Anonymous identity" is needed and no "CA Certificate" is needed either.

The username is "csc" and the password will be provided to you. Here are some screenshots:

On Mac OS

On Android

On Debian (Linux)


27 August 2017

Arrival Day Info

I’m in a bright orange t-shirt today, fear not, you will find me :) If not, my number is in your e-mail

You will get your CSC badge and welcome pack from me; please have your passport/ID ready for Galdos Security to issue you your room keycard.


There will be light snacks available mid-afternoon in the Reception area.

Welcome BBQ kicks off at 7pm in the Reception/outdoor terrasse.

Breakfast tomorrow (Monday) is from 7:15am. Please take note of the Monday schedule that has been included in your pack.

VM installation

VM - any problems with installation, or any question, please get in touch with Nikos BEFORE tomorrow :)

26 August 2017


Hello everyone, and a warm "pre-welcome" to this year's CERN School of Computing 2017, held at UPM in Madrid, Spain. It all kicks off shortly, and we're very much looking forward to meeting you!

CSC Live is the live blog by the organisers (Sebastian, Nikos, Cath; our local organisers Xavier, Maria and Marinela; and our lecturers) to provide you with the latest information about events, changes, and anything that we feel you should know during the School.

You will have all received your 'Essentials' information, and very soon (if not already), the VM installation and credentials.

We'll also be holding Morning Briefings everyday to keep you up-to-date, then post the briefing information here too.

However as we all are human and prefer some interaction with real live people on the other side of our screens, don't forget about sharing on Twitter and having a bit of a chat with other students attending the School on our dedicated Slack channel:

Twitter -  #csc2017  #cernschoolofcomputing

Slack chat channel, just for you - https://csc-2017-forum.slack.com/

Excited yet? I know I am - we had a fantastic School last year (see the photo gallery for CSC 2016) and we're very happy to be coming together for another edition of the CERN School of Computing, this time in the amazing city of Madrid. Hopefully it will be even better than last year! Is this possible?? It's up to you..... :)

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