Advances in High Energy Physics and Cosmology

University of Southampton

University of Southampton

University of Southampton, Murray Lecture Theatre, Highfield Campus, Southampton, England SO17 1BJ
Simon King (University of Southampton), Sonali Mohapatra (University of Sussex), Jack Setford (University of Sussex)

This student lead conference aims to bring together students from all GRADnet nodes to view and deliver talks on a variety of topics including dark matter, gravitational waves and cosmology. It will take place at the University of Southampton on 21-23 March 2018.

Students from GRADnet nodes will be fully funded for travel and accommodation. In addition, lunch, coffee and a conference dinner will also be provided.

We encourage abstract submissions from PhD students and post-doctoral researchers for oral and poster presentations. To submit your abstract, please register and then fill out the form under ‘Call for Abstracts’.

  • Aaron Poole
  • Alexander Mitchell
  • Alexander Titterton
  • Andy Bond
  • Azaria Coupe
  • Bill Wright
  • Billy Ford
  • Boris Latosh
  • Charlotte Owen
  • Christopher Berry
  • Christopher Pattison
  • Daniel Locke
  • Gustavo Medina Vazquez
  • Jack Setford
  • James Edholm
  • James Richings
  • Jordan BERNIGAUD
  • Leonora Donaldson Wood
  • Linus Too
  • luke arpino
  • Marco Chianese
  • Matthew Mostert
  • Matthew Russell
  • Michael Kenna-Allison
  • Mike Wang
  • Natalie Hogg
  • Paul Rodgers
  • Robert Hardwick
  • Sam Lawrence
  • Sam Rowley
  • Samantha Youles
  • Simon King
  • Sonali Mohapatra
  • Stanislav Schmidt
  • Stefano Moretti
  • Takudzwa Makoni
  • Tomas Muller