Oct 1 – 14, 2018
Tel Aviv University and Bnei Dan Hostel
Asia/Jerusalem timezone


CSC team

Sebastian Lopienski (CERN)
Joelma Tolomeo (CERN)
Nikos Kasioumis (CERN)


Local Organizing Committee

Erez Etzion (TAU)
Yan Benhammou (TAU)
Riki Cohen (TAU)
Meny Raviv Moshe (TAU)


Tel Aviv University (TAU)

Erez Etzion | TAU

Local Organizing Committee chairperson

Prof. Erez Etzion is a fundamental experimental researcher in High Energy Physics. He holds a B.Sc in Computer Sciences, and a Ph.D in Particle Physics. Prof. Etzion is chairing the Tel Aviv University Particle Physics Department and is a member of the ATLAS Experiment Executive Board. His main research focus is the understanding the Higgs properties and look for possible extensions to the Standard Model covering vast number of models: Extra Dimensions and mini Black Holes, Dark Matter, exotics Higgs modes, composed fermions or unusual signatures. He served as a member of the ATLAS publication committee and led the ATLAS Higgs Beyond the Standard Model and the ATLAS Exotics Physics efforts.

In addition he works on the development of particle and radiation detectors in various technologies including the ATLAS muon trigger system, a novel plasma-panel-based technology detectors, experiments searching for long lived particles and DM searches experiments.


Yan Benhammou | TAU

Yan Benhammou is working in the high energy group of Tel Aviv. He holds a PhD in particle physics. He is working on the detector development for different experiments. He has been dealing with the Israeli GRID for five years. He is now deeply involve in the ATLAS muon upgrade.




Riki Cohen | TAU

Riki is the long standing secretary of the Tel Aviv University Department of Particle Physics. After organising endless number of workshops and conferences it is clear that at the end of the day it is all in her hands. She will be responsible for the smile on our faces during the School.




Meny Raviv Moshe | TAU

Meny is a lab manager, research and development assistance, at the high energy physics laboratory at Tel-Aviv University, Israel. He has more than 18 years of experience working on development of charged particle detectors in the following technological methods: solid and gazeous detectors. Meny is in charge of administrative management of the high-energy lab in Tel-Aviv University.

Meny also works as a research and development assistance at CERN. He works on developing and testing detectors for the ATLAS experiment at CERN, test beams experiments, detectors installation and maintenance. Meny is a member at the FCAL collaboration at the CLIC experiment.



Sebastian Lopienski | CERN


Sebastian Lopienski is director of the CERN School of Computing (CSC).

Sebastian also serves as CERN's deputy Computer Security Officer. He works on security strategy and policies; offers internal consultancy and audit services; develops and maintains security tools for vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection; provides training and awareness raising; and does incident investigation and response.

During his work at CERN since 2001, Sebastian has had various assignments, including designing and developing software to manage and support services hosted in the CERN Computer Centre; providing Central CVS Service for software projects at CERN; and development of applications for accelerator controls in Java. He graduated from the University of Warsaw (MSc in Computer Science) in 2002, and earned an MBA degree at the Enterprise Administration Institute in Aix-en-Provence in 2010.

His professional interests include software and network security, distributed systems, and Web and mobile technologies. In his free time, he enjoys sailing, kitesurfing, skiing and traveling.


Joelma Tolomeo | CERN

Administrative Manager

After being graduated on Accounting from the Universidade Catholica de Pernambuco (Brazil), Joelma was in charge of the accounting section for the Admed (Brazil insurance company).

In 2001 she started at CERN at the Finance department where she worked during 9 years in different financial areas, before joining the IT department.

Among several assignments Joelma has in the IT department, one of her responsibilities is the financial management for the recruitment process of Fellows and Associated Members of the personnel, she is the financial Officer for the European projects in the IT department (11 European projects in 2017) and she has the IT Deputy Department Administrative Officer role. Interested in presenting the Organization on several languages (French, Portuguese, English, Italian) Joelma is a CERN official guide and she participates on divers CERN open events. During her free time, she enjoys reading, dancing, running, playing capoeira, traveling and meeting new people.


Nikos Kasioumis | CERN

Technical Manager

Nikos is a member of the Web Frameworks team in IT Department at CERN. He first joined CERN at 2008 as a technical student where he completed his thesis on searching and personalization services for the CERN Document Server. In 2011 he returned as a fellow, leading the software infrastructure work package for the European project "BlogForever". The project's objective was to create robust facilities for the preservation, management and dissemination of blogs.

Since 2012 he has been a staff member working on the development and operation of the CERN Document Server, on the development, operation and automation of the E-Publishing service, on the development of a Co-Authoring service, as well as a contributor for the "Invenio" open source digital library software suite. He actively participates in CERN's outreach activities such as TEDxCERN, CineGlobe and CERN Open Days.