3rd CBM - China Workshop

Yichang International Hotel

Yichang International Hotel

Yichang, China
Feng Liu (Central China Normal University), Nu Xu (LBNL)

The goal of the workshop is to discuss the properties and degrees-of-freedom of dense nuclear matter from different perspectives: theory and measurements, astrophysics and laboratory experiments, with a focus on the nuclear EOS, in medium modifications of hadrons, and phase transitions. The status of the CBM R&D efforts in China will also be discussed.

The registration fee is RMB 1000 (RMB 600 for accompany person) or Euro 150 (Euro 90 for accompany person) per person.

Yichang travel guide can be found here: Yichang Travel Guide

Self supported tour after workshop tour is also available, and tourist routes are available for your choice at your registration.

The latest timetable can be downloaded via following link: 




Group Photo can be download here: CBM_China3.jpg

Registration for 3rd CBM-China Workshop
  • Andreas Bauswein
  • Ang LI
  • Chi Yang
  • Daicui Zhou
  • Defu Hou
  • Feng Liu
  • fu chuan
  • Hua Pei
  • Jinfeng Liao
  • Jingyi Chao
  • Jinhui Chen
  • Jinlong Zhang
  • Kunsu Oh
  • Marco Ruggieri
  • Ning Yu
  • Norbert Herrmann
  • Nu Xu
  • Peipei Zheng
  • pengfei zhuang
  • Peter Senger
  • Pierre Moreau
  • Shaowei Lan
  • Sheng-Qin Feng
  • Shusu Shi
  • Toru Kojo
  • Volker Friese
  • Volodymyr Vovchenko
  • Wei Chen
  • Xiaodong Tang
  • Xiaofeng Luo
  • Xiaolong Chen
  • Xionghong He
  • Yapeng Zhang
  • Yaping Wang
  • Yifei Zhang
  • Yongjie Sun
  • Yu Zhang
  • Yuhao Qin
  • Zebo Tang
  • Zhi Qin
  • Zhigang Xiao
Secretary: Ms. Wei Chen