January 3, 2018 to December 1, 2018
Europe/Warsaw timezone
Slow Control Conference Warsaw 2018.11.09

Slow Control Warsaw 2018


Engineering and scientific conference after holiday student internships
at the United Institute of Nuclear Research in Dubna near Moscow (Russia) summer 2018

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are pleased to invite you to the conference organized jointly by the Faculty of Physics of the Warsaw University of Technology together with the Center for Innovation Management and Technology Transfer and Student CAMAC Scientific Circle at the Warsaw University of Technology,
Ref.: https://indico.cern.ch/event/690170/

The conference will start on November 9, 2018, around 9:00 (reception from 8:00), at the Innovation Management and Technology Transfer Center (CZiITT) in Warsaw at ul. Rektorska 4, room 4.01, IV Floor .

00-614 Warszawa, tel. +48 22 234 20 00; fax +48 22 234 14 19, cziitt@pw.edu.pl

Its aim is to disseminate knowledge about Slow Control Systems in great physical experiments, and in particular the possibilities of participation of students and young researchers in scientific meetings and workshops starting from summer student summer internships.

Our conference supports innovative technologies and their transfer to science and the economy. The intention of the organizers is also to exchange experiences related to project management.

We hope that the conference will show you the possibilities of cooperation between science and the industry and its commercialization. During the conference, invited guests will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the exhibition of invited scientific institutions and innovative enterprises in the form of a poster session and direct contacts.

As part of the conference, we anticipate a Gala Concert of the Polish Royal Opera in the Mała Hall of the Warsaw University of Technology, an evening closed meeting for the invited participants of Slow Control Dubna 2018, "Gala Dinner". Detailed information on registration.

Full participation in the conference is paid 100, - USD as a Guest (listener) is free (details on our website, MENU> Practical information ...).

Yours faithfully.

Professor dr hab. Eng. Adam Kisiel WF PW

Professor dr hab. Jan Pluta WF PW

MSc. Marek Peryt ZIBJ - WF PW

R.S.V.P. http://www.slowcontrol.if.pw.edu.pl MENU> Registration

Slow Control Warsaw 2018 9 Nov, 2018 8:00

Slow Control System (SCS) - this is what we call a set of electronic circuits, software managing them, and technical documentation, of a system designed to control another measuring, production or research system.

When dealing with the set: hardware, software and documentation (book-ware), we use the term SCS Slow Control System.

Slow Control System - is present today almost everywhere, especially in major scientific experiments at Laboratories in CERN, DESY, JINR and many others.

Slow Control System Dubna 2018, is the fourth edition of the summer professional programme for creators of advanced equipment, whose aim is to show you why the Slow Control System is so important, how it works, how to design it, how to program it, and finally how to test and connect SCS to great research experiments.

Summer Student Internships: Slow Control System Dubna 2018, Summer Student

programme and Team for the Future of NICA (TefeNica) Dubna 2018, is an international project designed for students. You have a unique opportunity to participate in the work of international expert teams, with the newly emerging grand physical experiment NICA - MPD in Dubna.

NICA - MPD is under construction! It is emerging - that's why it is a great chance to participate in something from the very beginning, from birth, from the concept, to the working experiment itself.

Slow Control Dubna 2018 is a chance for young engineers and scientists to step on a fascinating career path.