Student's Zone 2018 of the NICA Project

from Sunday, July 15, 2018 (6:10 AM) to Saturday, November 10, 2018 (8:05 PM)
JINR DUBNA (B: 215; room 327)

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Nov 9, 2018
8:00 AM
Reception SCS 2018 (until 9:00 AM) ()
9:00 AM
SCS 2018 / CZiITT (until 2:00 PM) ()
9:00 AM BMN online monitoring development - Mr Tomasz Bałdyga (WUT)   ()
9:10 AM Development and implementation of algorithms for BM@N GEM detector realistic simulation. - Ms Elwira Schneider (WUT)   ()
9:20 AM Software development for particles analysing in pPb collisions at ALICE experiment at energy √SNN=5.02 TeV - Mr Aleksander Szpakiewicz-Szatan   ()
9:30 AM Measurements of radon (Rn-222) concentration in air samples from soil – RADON STATION - Ms Klaudia Zardzewiała Ms Monika Kutyła   ()
9:40 AM Cosmic ray measurements - using those detectors in huge physical experiments as LHC or NICA - Magdalena Kolodziej (AGH University of Science and Technology (PL)) Arkadiusz Foks Piotr Wawrzyńczak Mariusz Tomczyk (Jan Kochanowski University) Sylwia Bazak Regina Stachura   ()
9:50 AM Design of cooling system for equipment installed in RACK's 42U and 47U 19", and constructions for cable, fibre optic and pipe routes - Bartlomiej Juruc   ()
10:00 AM Slow control software for RACK power supply of Tof gas system - Dorota Zielińska   ()
10:10 AM Fire extinguishing system development for the Slow Control System. (about Firesi FRS-RACK) - Mr Nikita Diunin (JINR)   ()
10:20 AM Intelligent Distribution System - Tomasz Kowalski Rami Faraj   ()
10:30 AM ANDROID APPLICATION FOR NICA COMPLEX MANAGEMENT - Marta Monikowska Adam Biegański Piotr Chruślicki   ()
10:40 AM Gas System Control User Interface - Przemysław Kaim (Politechnika Warszawska) Marek Wiejak (Warsaw University of Technology)   ()
10:50 AM Development of the mixer module software for the gas system of the TOF/MPD detector - Ms Angelika Kwiatek   ()
11:00 AM --- Coffee Break ---
11:30 AM Adaptation of advanced regulators for gas system control Time of Flight detector in the NICA experimental complex. - Zuzanna Treichel   ()
11:40 AM Development of analysis module software for the gas system of the TOF/MPD detector - Mr Michał Staniszewski   ()
11:50 AM Returning gas pressure stabilization system in ToF detector using a pump suspended on magnetic bearings. - Michał Gontarz (Politechnika Warszawska)   ()
12:00 PM Returning gas pressure stabilization system in ToF detector using membrane pumps - Mr Grzegorz Załęski   ()
12:10 PM Robot for measurements in space X Y Z - Mr Jakub Sękulski (WUT)   ()
12:20 PM Laser sensor locating the magnetic field indicator inside the main magnet of the BM@N detector - Michal Szlupowicz   ()
12:30 PM Rover Vehicle; Measuring Robots for Great Physical Experiments - Mr Szymon Mączka (WUT)   ()
12:40 PM Development of software for monitoring temperature inside RACK cabinets for the Slow Control System of the TOF-MPD detector - Marek Brynda   ()
12:50 PM Simulation of the heat transfer in the RACK cabinets - Mr Adam Kwaśnik   ()
1:00 PM Simulation of the heat transfer in the TOF-MPD - Maciej Czarnynoga (Politechnika Warszawska)   ()
1:10 PM Analyzing the thermal images taken by Fluke TiS20 thermal imager - Filip Protoklitow   ()
1:20 PM Opportunities for young scientists and specialists at LHEP in JINR - Mr Krystian Roslon (Warsaw University of Technology (PL))   ()
2:00 PM --- Lunch ---
3:30 PM --- FREE TIME ---
6:00 PM
Gala concert 100 anniversary of regaining Poland's independence (until 7:30 PM) (WUT Small auditorium ("Mała Aula"))