Getting to Grips with QCD - Summer Edition

Primošten (Croatia)

Primošten (Croatia)

Hotel Zora

Getting to Grips with QCD - Summer Edition workshop is envisaged as a continuation of the discussions relevant to recent progress in QCD phenomenology which started by  Getting to Grips with QCD workshop, Paris, March 2018. This workshop will focus on

  • the investigations of the hadron structure, in particular, deeply virtual and wide-angle exclusive processes, semi-inclusive and inclusive processes with baryons described in terms of parton distributions: GPDs, TMDs and PDFs, and exclusive processes with mesons described in terms of the DAs
  • the role of QCD in flavour physics

It will bring together theorists and experimentalists working on these topics in order to make an overview of the current situation and also to facilitate the connection between different research directions.

This workshop is a part of activities covered by the European Horizon2020 TWINNING project RBI-T-WINNING.

No participation/registration fee is required. 

  • Andrey Tayduganov
  • Benoît Blossier
  • Bernd Kniehl
  • Carlos Munoz Camacho
  • Damir Becirevic
  • Daria Sokhan
  • Dieter Müller
  • Dmitry Ivanov
  • Elena Venturini
  • Fernanda Steffens
  • Francois-Xavier Girod-Gard
  • Goran Duplančić
  • Hervé Moutarde
  • Ignazio Scimemi
  • Kornelija Passek-Kumerički
  • Krešimir Kumerički
  • Lech Szymanowski
  • Maxim Polyakov
  • Monalisa Patra
  • Nejc Košnik
  • Nicole d'Hose
  • Nikolay Kivel
  • Oleg Teryaev
  • Pawel Sznajder
  • Peter Kroll
  • Samuel Wallon
  • Thorsten Feldmann
  • Volker Burkert
  • Wolfgang Schweiger