CTEQ Workshop @ JLAB: Parton Distributions as a Bridge from Low to High Energies

Jefferson Lab (JLab)

Jefferson Lab (JLab)

Jefferson Lab (JLab)
Cynthia Keppel (Jefferson Lab), Fred Olness (Southern Methodist University), Pavel Nadolsky (Southern Methodist University), Timothy J Hobbs (Southern Methodist University)

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Public meeting ends 12 noon Saturday

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CTEQ Mini-Workshop
    • Session 0 CEBAF Center Auditorium

      CEBAF Center Auditorium

      JLab Auditorium
      • 1
        Neural Network Parton Distributions from High Precision Collider Data
        Speaker: Prof. Emanuele Roberto Nocera (The University of Edinburgh)
    • 12:00 PM
    • Session 1: Collinear Parton Distribution Functions CEBAF Center F113

      CEBAF Center F113

      JLab F113
      Conveners: Alberto Accardi (Hampton U. and Jefferson Lab), Rikutaro Yoshida (Jefferson Lab), TIMOTHY J HOBBS (Southern Methodist University)
      • 2
        Speaker: Prof. Pavel Nadolsky (Southern Methodist University)
      • 3
        CT18 QCD Global Analysis
        Speaker: Prof. C.-P. Yuan (Michigan State University)
      • 4
        Accessing Large-x PDFs at Jefferson Lab and EIC
        Speaker: Dr Rolf Ent (Jefferson Lab)
      • 5
        Simultaneous Global Analysis of Polarized and Unpolarized PDFs and Fragmentation Functions
        Speaker: Dr Nobuo Sato (Jefferson Lab)
      • 3:00 PM
        Coffee Break
      • 6
        Describing Deep Inelastic Scattering in Monte Carlo Event Generators
        Speaker: Dr Markus Diefenthaler (Jefferson Lab)
      • 7
        PDFs from Lattice QCD
        Speaker: Prof. Huey- Wen Lin (Michigan State University)
      • 8
        Small-x Physics and TMDs
        Speaker: Dr Feng Yuan (LBNL)
      • 9
        Spectral Function Approach to Higher Resonance Production and DIS
        Speaker: Dr Noemi Rocco (Argonne National Lab)
    • 5:30 PM
      Networking Reception
    • 6:30 PM
    • Session 2: Transverse Momentum Dependent Parton Distribution Functions CEBAF Center L102

      CEBAF Center L102

      Conveners: Charles Hyde (Old Dominion University), Dr Jianwei Qiu (Jefferson Lab), Ted Rogers (Old Dominion University)
      • 10
        Mass Effects in Factorization
        Speaker: Eric Moffat (Old Dominion University)
      • 11
        Combining TMD Factorization and Collinear Factorization
        Speaker: Prof. Leonard Gamberg (Penn State Berks)
      • 12
        Speaker: Dr Bin Yan (Michigan State University)
      • 10:00 AM
        Coffee Break
      • 13
        The Current Status of Studies of TMDs
        Speaker: Prof. Alexei Prokudin (Penn State Berks and Jefferson Lab)
      • 14
        Scalar Handbag and Nonperturbative Evolution in Inclusive DIS
        Speaker: Dr Anatoly Radyushkin (Jefferson Lab)
      • 15
        Confronting Nucleon Strangeness and Charm
        Speaker: Dr TIMOTHY J HOBBS (Southern Methodist University)
    • 12:00 PM
    • Session 3: Nuclear PDFs in Electron-Nuclear and Neutrino-Nuclear Scattering CEBAF Center L102

      CEBAF Center L102

      JLab F113
      Conveners: Fred Olness (Southern Methodist University), Jorge G. Morfin (Fermilab), Or Hen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
      • 16
        DIS from A=3 Nuclei
        Speaker: Dr Wally Melnitchouk (Jefferson Lab)
      • 17
        Nuclear Matter Effects
        Speaker: Prof. Roberto Petti (University of South Carolina (US))
      • 18
        LHC Observables and nCTEQ
        Speaker: Prof. Fred Olness (Southern Methodist University)
      • 3:00 PM
        Coffee Break
      • 19
        Overview of Future New Observables
        Speaker: Lawrence Weinstein (ODU)
      • 20
        New Results on the EMC Effect
        Speaker: Barak Schmookler (MIT)
    • 5:15 PM
    • CTEQ Fall Meeting Open/Science Session: Session 4 CEBAF Center F113

      CEBAF Center F113

      JLab F113
      Conveners: Cynthia Keppel (Jefferson Lab), Fred Olness (Southern Methodist University), Pavel Nadolsky (Southern Methodist University)
      • 21
        New Single-top Calculations
        Speaker: Prof. Zack Sullivan (Illinois Institute of Technology)
      • 22
        Impact of TMDs on the Determinations of the W Boson Mass
        Speaker: Dr Andrea Signori (Jefferson Lab)
      • 23
        Twist 2,3,4 PDFs/GPDs
        Speaker: Prof. Simonetta Liuti (University of Virginia)
      • 10:00 AM
        Coffee Break
      • 24
        Next-to-leading order general-mass scheme for heavy-quark production at the LHC
        Speaker: Keping Xie (Southern Methodist University)
      • 25
        Speaker: Bo Ting Wang (Southern Methodist University)
      • 26
        Extracting Neutron Structure Functions from CJ15
        Speaker: Shujie Li
      • 27
        Fitting and Testing PDFs in a Spectator Model DIS with Target Mass Corrections
        Speaker: Juan Guerrero (Hampton University/Jefferson Lab)
    • 12:00 PM