July 29, 2019 to August 2, 2019
Northeastern University
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Dark Energy as a New Base Energy Tier

Jul 30, 2019, 3:12 PM
West Village G 106 (Northeastern University)

West Village G 106

Northeastern University

Oral Presentation Cosmology & Dark Energy Cosmology & Dark Energy


Dr Scott Gordon (University of Central Florida)


The field of physics has been built on the scientific method where our greatest theories have been developed from a well-established foundation. However, so far, no derivations stemming from our current mathematics expressing our most validated theories has been able to reveal the nature of “dark” energy. It may be time to consider... What if it is impossible to derive the nature of dark energy by using our current foundational mathematics expressing our current theories? What if a new model of the universe is required; a more fundamental model to which a new "primordial" math is required? A model that starts with only one ingredient and its associated energy as the only way to reveal the nature of dark energy? Such a basic elementary model would have to be derived independently from our current mathematics and yet provide a new foundation from which to derive our current validated theories. If successful, the new math associated with this more fundamental model will define dark energy which could then be used to reveal the role dark energy plays in energy fields, gravity, general relativity, and much more.

Primary author

Dr Scott Gordon (University of Central Florida)

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