EOS workshop

513/1-024 (CERN)



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Andreas Joachim Peters (CERN), Jakub Moscicki (CERN), Luca Mascetti (CERN), Oliver Keeble (CERN)

The 4th EOS workshop is in preparation to bring together the EOS community.

This three-day event at CERN is organized to provide a platform for exchange between developers, users and sites running EOS.

The first day of the workshop takes place in the IT amphitheater covering a wide range of topics. An overview from the community about their usage of EOS services in their production environment, followed by EOS related development, update on the tape backend functionalities with the CERN Tape Archive (CTA), service operations, applications, collaborations and various use-cases!

During the second day we will bring interested participants to discover some of the amazing CERN facilities with a special visit, followed by a dedicated session on the usage of EOS in Tier-1 and Tier-2 storage setups and the next challenges to use EOS in online/offline activities of the experiments .

The third day will focus on operational aspects, demonstrations, hands-on tutorials with a deep-dive and the future roadmap & service evolution. The practical sessions with the EOS and CTA team will take place in a CERN computer center meeting room (513-1-024).

We invite all participants to join a social dinner on Monday evening (at their own expense).


The workshop participation does not require a fee.

Please register yourself to the workshop here. Don't forget to submit an abstract if you would like to share your experience/ideas within the EOS community.

If you are interested in joining the EOS community, this is the perfect occasion!

We look forward to seeing and talking to many of you in February 2020!

Your CERN EOS team.

  • Adrian Marszalik
  • Akanksha Ahuja
  • Alberto Pace
  • Aleksei Golunov
  • Alison Packer
  • Andreas Joachim Peters
  • Andrey Kiryanov
  • Andrey Zarochentsev
  • Aristeidis Fkiaras
  • Aritz Brosa Iartza
  • Armin Burger
  • Arturo Sanchez Pineda
  • Brad Marshall
  • Branko Blagojevic
  • Caio Costa
  • Carles Garcia Cabot
  • Costin Grigoras
  • Cristian Contescu
  • Crystal Chua
  • Dan Szkola
  • Dan van der Ster
  • Denis Pugnere
  • Diogo Castro
  • Edward Karavakis
  • Enrico Bocchi
  • Erich Birngruber
  • Fabio Luchetti
  • Federico Gargiulo
  • Felix Böhm
  • Franck Eyraud
  • Gavin Kennedy
  • Georgios Bitzes
  • Giuseppe Lo Presti
  • Gregor Molan
  • Grzegorz Sułkowski
  • Gyan Shrestha
  • Haibo Li
  • Heejune Han
  • Hugo Gonzalez Labrador
  • Igor Pelevanyuk
  • Ilja Neumann
  • Ishaan Ahuja
  • Ivan Arizanovic
  • Ivan Kadochnikov
  • Ivan Kashunin
  • Jakub Moscicki
  • Jan Iven
  • Jean-Michel Barbet
  • Jeff Porter
  • Jeongheon Kim
  • Joel Closier
  • John White
  • Jörn Dreyer
  • Latchezar Betev
  • Lepeke Phukungoane
  • Lu Wang
  • Luca Mascetti
  • Marco Scavazzon
  • Maria Amodeo
  • Maria Arsuaga Rios
  • Mario Lassnig
  • Martin Vala
  • Massimo Lamanna
  • Michael Davis
  • Michael Usher
  • Michal Kamil Simon
  • Micheal Jones
  • Mihai Patrascoiu
  • Mihai Popescu
  • minakshi sinha
  • Muhammad Imran
  • Natalia Gromova
  • Niko Neufeld
  • Nikola Hardi
  • Olga Chuchuk
  • Oliver Keeble
  • Pete Eby
  • Pier Valerio Tognoli
  • Pier Valerio Tognoli
  • Prajesh Sharma
  • Qi Mengyao
  • Riccardo Castellotti
  • Riccardo Di Maria
  • Rizart Dona
  • Roberto Valverde Cameselle
  • Sang Un Ahn
  • Saqib Haleem
  • Sean Murray
  • Sergey Belov
  • Sergiu Weisz
  • Steve Moulton
  • steve moulton
  • sumio kato
  • Svetlana Milenkovic
  • Thierry Njougouo
  • Tom Byrne
  • Uemit Seren
  • Valery Mitsyn
  • Vincenzo Di Capua
  • Xavier Espinal
  • Yaodong Cheng
  • Yujiang Bi
  • Yuri Butenko
There is a live webcast for this event