Aspen 2011 - New Data from the Energy Frontier

Aspen Center for Physics

Aspen Center for Physics

700 W. Gillespie Street, Aspen, CO 81611 US
Elizabeth Simmons (Michigan State University) , Florencia Canelli (University of Chicago & Fermilab) , Jesse Thaler (Massachusetts Insitute of Technology) , Joe Incandela (University of California, Santa Barbara) , LianTao Wang (Princeton University) , Sekhar Chivukula (Michigan State University)
The search for new physics at the TeV scale is entering an exciting era with many new experimental results expected. By early 2011, the Tevatron will collect more statistics and produce results of major importance. At the same time, the LHC will be in its first year of running at an unprecedented energy scale. In this 2011 Aspen Winter Conference on particle physics, we will bring together experimentalists and theorists, creating an ideal environment to present and discuss new results and ideas. The conference will be formulated to encourage close collaborations and active exchange of information, which is crucial for making progress at the energy frontier.