Speakers List

Invited Speakers

Aafke Kraan INFN, Pisa 
Speaker at Application to Society: Imaging in Particle Therapy

Archana Sharma CERN, Geneva 
Speaker at Roadmap of the MPGD Towards Imaging and Timing Performances

Christian Joachim Schmidt GSI, Darmstadt 
Speaker at  Fundamental of Readout Electronics and Data Acquisition for Particle Detectors

Florian Maximilian Brunbauer CERN, Geneva
Speaker at Micro-Pattern Gaseous Detector: Technologies, Development and Perspectives

Luciano Musa CERN, Geneva 
Speaker at Silicon Trackers at the Heart of the LHC Experiments

Manfred Krammer CERN, Geneva 
Speaker at Basics Principles of the Silicon Detector

Naba Mondal SINP, Kolkata 
Speaker at History of Detector Development and Future Perspective in India

Prakhar Garg Strony Brook University, USA 
Speaker at Fundamental of the Gas Detectors

Rajarshi Raut UGC-DAE CSR, Kolkata Centre 
Speaker at The Practice of Gamma-ray Spectroscopy: Here & Now

Satyajit Saha SINP, Kolkata 
Speaker at Experimental Techniques for Dark Matter Search

Satyanarayana Bheesette TIFR                                                                                                                                              Speaker at Detector Development for INO Experiment

Supratik Mukhopadhyay SINP, Kolkata 
Speaker at Numerical Simulation of Gaseous Detectors using Garfield++

Tilak Ghosh VECC, Kolkata 
Speaker at  Detectors for Nuclear Physics Research

Varchaswi Kashyap NISER
Speaker at Fundamental of the Resistive Plate Chamber

Vincent Boudry LLR, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, CNRS
Speaker at Fundamental of Silicon Calorimeter

Walter Snoeys CERN, Geneva 
Speaker at Development of the Silicon Pixel Technology and Challenges


Young Scientist Talks

Abhik Jash Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Speaker at Electrical Discharges and their Mitigation in Thick-GEM based WELL Detector

Purba bhattacharya Adamas University, Kolkata 
Speaker at Applications of Detectors based on THGEM-like Configurations

Sayan Ghosh SINP, Kolkata 
Speaker at Background Radiation at JUSL and Simulation of Nuclear Recoils in liquid Xenon Detectors

Shyam Kumar INFN, Bari 
Speaker at From Detector Simulation to Data Analysis in High Energy Physics Experiments

Varun Sharma University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Speaker at Interaction with calorimeters, triggering and data analysis at the CMS detector


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