Aug 21 – 26, 2023
Europe/Zurich timezone
Deadline for submission of written contributions is November 30, 2023.

Welcome to ISMD 2023 in Gyöngyös, Hungary

Wifi access at the conference site:

Two WIFI SSID can be accessed at the conference site (Buildings B, also Building A Aula, K level and lecture halls 1-4 and T:

Return transport is organized by T. Novák during the first days of IMSD 2023.


ISMD Organized Transfers from Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport (BUD) to Gyöngyös on August 20:
Tamás Novák (co-chair, responsible also for transportation) has organized local transportation from Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport (BUD) to Gyöngyös on August 20.
Upon arrival to either to airport Terminal A or Terminal B of BUD, 
please kindly proceed to the meeting point at Terminal 2A.
From 7:00- 23:00, you will see a rollup with an ISMD logo there, that is the meeting place at the airport for ISMD 2023 participants.
  •  7:00- 15:00 Gábor Kasza  will be on duty at the airport, collecting the participants at the meeting point of Terminal 2A
  • 15:00 - 23:00 István Szanyi will be on duty at the airport, collecting ISMD participants at the meeting point of Terminal 2A.
These young colleagues in a voluntary service will guide you and other collected colleagues with a small flag with an ISMD logo on it to a minivan that will take you together with other participants to the conference hotels in Gyöngyös (stops both at Károly Róbert Hotel and at Hotel Avar).
To clarify, about 30 persons indicated that they need assistance for getting from the airport to the conference site, but their arrival density is small.
So we have grouped them into minivans instead of renting a big bus.
The cost of this transportation is a bit larger, than foreseen, but the big bus would have resulted in waiting times of the order of 6 hours or more at the airport. The extra cost of about 2-5 EUR per person (depending on the size of the minivan) will be determined later, the conference pays these expenses and you are expected to reimburse ISMD 2023 for these transportation costs as not all the participants need this service.
Relevant contact phone numbers are:
Gábor Kasza: +36 70 616 6978
István Szanyi: +36 20 500 2597
In case of any problems, please call these colleagues first.
 If you do not find them you can also call 
Dr. Tamás Novák at +36 70 5739788
or as a last resort, me, 
prof. Tamas Csorgo at +36 20 99 426 88.
Note that Google Earth, Google Map and other GPS based cell-phone services work well and rather reliably in Hungary and they can be used to get to the conference site from Budapest or from any other European city.
August 20: a national holiday in Hungary:
Note that the arrival date, August 20 is a national holiday in Hungary.
There are celebrations in Budapest and related travel restrictions and road closures as well.
If you spend some time in Budapest, here is a link to the traffic limitations:
Arrival by car:
From Budapest, use the M3 highway is recommended. You have to buy a validation ticked (e-matrica) to use the highways in Hungary, this system is which is based on electronic plate number control, recommended is the e-matrica for 10 days. There is a one hour patience time, so you have to buy this e-matrica within one hour of your start of using the highways. One 10 day matrica is valid for all the highways in Hungary.
Parking is available on site, please see the this map to see where it is and how to walk to Building B from there.
Arrival by bus:
Buses from Budapest to Mátraháza stop 
  • before the Károly Róbert Campus in Gyöngyös , name of stop is : FŐISKOLA
  • before the Károly Róbert Hotel in Gyöngyös too, name of stop is: KOLLÉGIUM
  • before Hotel Avar in Mátrafüred, name of stop is: AUTÓBUSZ-VÁRÓTEREM

The time-table is available here:

First bus leaves on August 20 from Stadionok bus station at 03:30 and the last one at 23:04. Alltogether 40 public buses from Budapest to Gyöngyös per day, and 23 bus connections from Budapest to Mátrafüred per day. Typical waiting time is less than an hour if you want to take such a bus transfer, and the lenght of the trip is about 

Arrival by train:
Recently the train transport from Budapest to Gyöngyös improved a lot.
On August 20, 2023 there are 28 train connections, all trains leave from Budapest Keleti railway station and arrive to Gyöngyös railway station, with direct trains or with one transfer. The first train leaves Budapest at 03:55 and the last train leaves at 23:10, typical transfer time to Gyöngyös railway station is 1 hour 20 min - 1 hour 35 min, depending on the number of transfers (0 or 1). Train connection is recommended for people who reserved their independent housing in the city of Gyöngyös. The site of the meeting is within walking distance of the train station, but the ISMD hotels are outside the typical walking distances from the train station, they need additional bus transfer as well. 
Welcome to ISMD 2023 and we hope you will get safely to Gyöngyös, Hungary, to the site of the conference.
More details about wifi access, Zoom link to the sections, transportation back to Budapest etc. will be announced soon on this web-page.
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