Aug 21 – 26, 2023
Europe/Zurich timezone
Deadline for submission of written contributions is November 30, 2023.

Section Conveners and Section Chairs

ISMD 2023 Section Conveners and Chairs:

  • Collectivity in high energy collisions: jets, flows: 
    • K. Ozawa, S. Kabana and G. Wolschin 
  • Cosmic ray and astroparticle physics: 
    • Ch. Timmermans, M. Miquel and E: Kido
  • Femtoscopy: 
    • W. Metzger and M. Kucharczyk
  • Forward physics: Diffraction, Odderon and Pomeron: 
    • Ch. Royon, R. Pasechnik and R: Schicker
  • Hadronic final states in high pT interactions: 
    • T. Trainor, S. P. Sapeta and R. Staszewski
  • Multiparticle correlations and fluctuations:
    • A. Ayala and M. Naruki
  • Proton structure, small-x and large-x physics: 
    • C. Contreras, M. Klusek-Gawenda and B. Hong
  • Physics of X17 and other beyond standard model states: 
    • M. Raggi and  A. Krasznahorkay
  • Important new developments in HEP: 
    • S. H. Lee and W. Guryn
  • Science outreach: 
    • A. Ayala and T. Csörgő
  • Flash talks/poster section: 
    • M. Csanád 

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