HITRIplus Project Meeting

Sandro Rossi (Fondazione CNAO)

It is our great pleasure to announce the upcoming 2024 HITRIplus Project Meeting and General Assembly to be hosted by our partner Marburg Particle Therapy Center in Marburg at the VILA VITA ROSENPARK Hotel, starting on Thursday, May 22 and ending on Friday, May 23. Don't miss out!

The event is hybrid, but we kindly ask that at least one representative per institution, ideally the WP leaders, attend the project meeting in person. This gathering serves as a pre-review meeting for the second reporting period, with both the reviewer and the project officer scheduled to be present in Marburg.

You are encouraged to participate in person: it will be an excellent opportunity to forge meaningful connections with experts and peers in the dynamic field of particle therapy. Gain fresh insights, share your expertise, and contribute to the advancement of the HITRIplus Project!

Please register !!!

Zoom link 22 May:


PASSCODE: 780620

Zoom link 23 May:


PASSCODE: 189502

See attached materials for information about transit and accommodation in MARBURG.

Useful information and details | VILA VITA Rosenpark

  • Alejandro Mazal
  • Ana Cerar
  • Andreas Peters
  • Andris Ratkus
  • Angelica Facoetti
  • Anna Santoro
  • Chiara Marazzi
  • Christian Graeff
  • Dale Prokopovich
  • Dominik Perusko
  • Elena Benedetto
  • eleonora de cata
  • Ernesto De Matteis
  • Gabriele Ceruti
  • Glara Fuad Hasan Harki
  • Immanuel Gfall
  • Javier Munilla
  • Juan Diego Azcona Armendariz
  • Kilian Baumann
  • Konrad Lehmann
  • Ludwig Mag. Gold
  • Manjit Dosanjh
  • Manuela Cirilli
  • Marco Durante
  • Maria Vittoria Livraga
  • Maurizio Vretenar
  • Nicholas Sammut
  • Peter Grübling
  • René Steinbrügge
  • Sandra Muhr
  • Sandro Rossi
  • Semi Harrabi
  • Séverine Rossomme
  • Tatsuya Ohno
  • Thomas Haberer
  • Thomas Schreiner
  • Yiota Foka