UK community meeting on CMOS sensors for particle tracking

Cosener's House

Cosener's House

15-16 Abbey Close Abingdon OX14 3JD
The UK has a long involvement in the development of the Silicon sensor technologies for position sensitive charged-particle detection. Devices have been produced for the tracking detectors in a range of previous, existing and future experiments as well as for a possible future application in particle flow calorimetry. CMOS technology, because of the high level of integration it allows and its relative cost-effectiveness compared to other Silicon based technologies, is today widely expected to become the baseline technology for future Silicon detectors. Several groups in the UK now work on the development of CMOS technologies for both future tracking and calorimetry applications. It is perceived that for the UK to play as significant a role in the development of CMOS sensors for future experiments as it has done for other Silicon technologies, UK groups need to present a joined-up strategy to STFC and persuade it to identify CMOS as a key technology area for the future of our field. We are organising this one day meeting for the wider particle physics community to discuss its requirements ambitions and to start discussions on how to shape a more joined-up approach. The meeting will also attempt to present an overview of the CMOS technology options and applications that are being pursued.
UK community meeting on CMOS sensors for particle tracking
  • Adrian Bevan
  • Akram Khan
  • Alan Barr
  • Alasdair Winter
  • Andrew Blue
  • Andrew Holland
  • Bart Hommels
  • Chen Liejian
  • Craig Anthony Sawyer
  • Craig Buttar
  • Daniel Muenstermann
  • Daniela Bortoletto
  • David Smith
  • Davide Costanzo
  • Dima Maneuski
  • Elvedin Tahirovic
  • Enrico Giulio Villani
  • Eva Vilella Figueras
  • Fergus Wilson
  • Gianluigi Casse
  • Heiko Augustin
  • Ian Dawson
  • Ian Shipsey
  • Jaap Velthuis
  • Jaya John John
  • Jens Dopke
  • Joel Goldstein
  • John Matheson
  • Joost Vossebeld
  • Konstantin Stefanov
  • kostas Mavrokoridis
  • Laura Gonella
  • Marcello Borri
  • Neil Geddes
  • paul seller
  • Petra Riedler
  • Philip Patrick Allport
  • Qinglei Xiu
  • Reinhild Peters
  • Richard Bates
  • Richard French
  • Richard Plackett
  • Robert Flack
  • Roy Lemmon
  • Simon Jolly
  • Stephan Eisenhardt
  • Stephen Mcmahon
  • Steven Worm
  • Themis Bowcock
  • Tim Jones
  • Todd Brian Huffman
  • Tony Affolder
  • Trevor Vickey
  • Zhige Zhang