The 33rd Winter Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics

from Sunday, January 8, 2017 (5:00 PM) to Saturday, January 14, 2017 (10:00 PM)
Cliff Lodge, Snowbird Resort (Superior)

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Jan 9, 2017
Jan 10, 2017
Jan 11, 2017
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Jan 13, 2017
9:00 AM Flow and Finite Number of Sources - Larry McLerran (BNL)   (Superior)
9:30 AM System Size and Shape Dependence of Anisotropic Flow - Mr Niseem Abdelrahman"Magdy" (Stony Brook University)   (Superior)
10:00 AM PHENIX results on Bose-Einstein correlation functions using a Levy analysis in Au+Au collisions at RHIC - Mate Csanad   (Superior)
10:30 AM --- Coffee break ---
11:00 AM Chiral magnetic effect search in p+Au, d+Au and Au+Au collisions at RHIC - Dr Jie Zhao (Purdue University)   (Superior)
11:30 AM Anisotropic Flow Measurements in ALICE Pb-Pb collisions at 5.02 TeV - Fabian Ng (University of Houston (US))   (Superior)
9:00 AM Measurements and prospects on the Generalized Polarizabilities of the proton - Prof. Nikolaos Sparveris (Temple University)   (Superior)
9:30 AM Nucleon structure from Lattice QCD - Prof. Martha Constantinou (Temple University)   (Superior)
10:00 AM Equation of state and fluctuations of conserved charges from lattice QCD - Claudia Ratti (University of Houston)   (Superior)
10:30 AM --- Coffee break ---
11:00 AM Strangeness enhancement from pp to AA - Klaus Werner   (Superior)
11:30 AM Going with the flow: a solution to the sign problem - Dr Gokce Basar (University of Maryland, College Park)   (Superior)
9:00 AM Recent progress in understanding deconfinement and chiral symmetry restoration phase transitions - Edward Shuryak (Stony Brook University)   (Superior)
9:30 AM Exploring correlations in the CGC wave function - Alexander Kovner (University of Connecticut)   (Superior)
10:00 AM Finite-Size-Finite-Time Scaling of Susceptibility Near the QCD Critical Point - Roy Alphanso Lacey (State University of New York (US))   (Superior)
10:30 AM --- Coffee break ---
11:00 AM Constraining the temperature dependence of eta/s - Anthony Robert Timmins (University of Houston (US))   (Superior)
11:30 AM Jet quenching in heavy-ion collisions - Redmer Alexander Bertens (Nikhef National institute for subatomic physics (NL))   (Superior)
9:00 AM Status of jet quenching measurements with the ATLAS detector at the LHC - Dennis Perepelitsa (University of Colorado Boulder)   (Superior)
9:30 AM An Overview of Recent Measurements from CMS - Sevil Salur (Rutgers, State Univ. of New Jersey (US))   (Superior)
10:00 AM Background subtraction in jet-hadron and di-hadron correlations using the reaction plane fit method - Christine Nattrass (University of Tennessee (US))   (Superior)
10:30 AM --- Coffee break ---
11:00 AM Measurement of quarkonia production in heavy-ion collisions with the ATLAS detector - Petr Gallus (Czech Technical University (CZ))   (Superior)
9:00 AM ALICE measurements of open heavy-flavour production as a function of multiplicity in pp and p-Pb collisions at LHC energies - Edith Zinhle Buthelezi (iThemba LABS, National Research Foundation (ZA))   (Superior)
9:30 AM Open and Hidden Heavy Flavor Measurements at PHENIX - J. Matthew Durham (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   (Superior)
10:00 AM Studies of B to J/psi decay with the Forward Silicon Vertex Detector(FVTX) at PHENIX Experiment - Dr Xuan Li (Los Alamos National Lab)   (Superior)
10:30 AM --- Coffee break ---
11:00 AM Quarkonium Measurements in Heavy-Ion Collisions with the STAR Experiment - Zachariah Miller (University of Illinois at Chicago)   (Superior)
11:30 AM Measurements of electron production from open heavy flavor decays in Au+Au collisions at 200 GeV by the STAR experiment - Shenghui Zhang (USTC)   (Superior)
5:30 PM PHENIX Results on Azimuthal Anisotropy and Longitudinal Flow Dynamics in the d+Au Beam Energy Scan - Javier Orjuela Koop (University of Colorado Boulder)   (Superior)
6:00 PM Low Momentum Direct Photons in Au+Au collisions at 200 GeV and 62.4 GeV measured by the PHENIX Experiment at RHIC - Vladimir Khachatryan (Stony Brook University)   (Superior)
6:30 PM Collective behavior in small systems from geometry-controlled measurements at 200 GeV - shengli huang (PHENIX Collaboration)   (Superior)
7:00 PM Modeling Correlation Functions Measured at RHIC and LHC - Claude Andre Pruneau (Wayne State University (US))   (Superior)
5:30 PM Hydrodynamization of shockwave collisons in non-conformal theories - maximilian attems (University of Barcelona)   (Superior)
6:00 PM Susceptibilities from a black hole engineered EoS with a critical point - Israel Portillo (University of Houston)   (Superior)
6:30 PM Fluctuation Phenomena in Dense Quark Matter - Boris Kerbikov (Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics (RU))   (Superior)
7:00 PM The weakly versus strongly coupled QGP - Peter Petreczky (BNL)   (Superior)
5:30 PM Overview for PHENIX Spin Results - Dr Jin Huang (Brookhaven National Lab)   (Superior)
6:00 PM ALICE overview - Yosuke Watanabe (University of Tokyo (JP))   (Superior)
6:30 PM Chiral symmetry restoration in heavy-ion collisions - Elena Bratkovskaya (FIAS)   (Superior)
7:00 PM Two Particle Correlations for Studying Jets at RHIC and LHC - Justin Edward Frantz (Ohio University (US))   (Superior)
5:30 PM Expansion of a plasma described by the NJL Lagrangian - joerg aichelin (Subatech/CNRS)   (Superior)
6:00 PM Photons from the non-equilibrium QGP - Carsten Greiner (University of Frankfurt)   (Superior)
6:30 PM Overview of Light-Flavor Hadron Production at ALICE - Anders Garritt Knospe (University of Houston (US))   (Superior)
7:00 PM The p, d, He + Nucleus Enigma - John William Harris (Yale University (US))   (Superior)
5:30 PM Strangeness - What is it good for? - Rene Bellwied (University of Houston (US))   (Superior)
6:00 PM First Flow Results of STAR Fixed-Target Experiment - David Tlusty (NPI ASCR)   (Superior)
6:30 PM The RHIC Cold QCD Plan - Alexander Bazilevsky (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   (Superior)
7:00 PM The STAR eTOF Upgrade. - Frank Geurts (Rice University (US))   (Superior)