MEDICIS-Promed Summer School, Pavia, 4-9 June 2017

PhD Room, 2nd floor (Dipartimento di Fisica – Università di Pavia)

PhD Room, 2nd floor

Dipartimento di Fisica – Università di Pavia

Via Agostino Bassi 6 27100 Pavia, Italy
Thierry Stora



External beam therapy has become a major modality for the treatment of diverse forms of cancers. More specifically hadron therapy with light ions has demonstrated its  suitability for certain forms of radio resistant tumours or for deep seated tumours localised in difficult positions. While the number of treatment centers has increased significantly in the past years, this first MEDICIS-Promed summer school is jointly organized with the CNAO foundation, one of the few centers that master the technique based on carbon ions. Our school will provide exchanges with world leading lecturers in the different aspects bridging the disciplines in accelerator physics, personal medicine and health economics.

It will provide training for the next generation of European scientists to specifically address the use PET ions such as 11Carbon for delivering the therapeutic dose to the patients and subsequent imaging by PET scanners, a new technique which will bring a clear benefit over present-day treatment modalities.


MEDICIS-Promed is a Horizon2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network dedicated to the production and research around novel medical radioisotopes.


Event Organising Committee:

  •  Monica Necchi, Fondazione CNAO
  •  Thomas Cocolios, KU Leuven
  •  Fiona Reid, University College London Consultants
  •  Cristina Ferrari, CERN
  • Alessia Embriaco
  • Alexandra Litvinenko
  • Alice D'Onofrio
  • Andrea Fontana
  • Andrea Spiga
  • Annie Ringvall Moberg
  • Bram Ramaekers
  • Carlo Mancini Terracciano
  • Chiara Magni
  • Cristina Ferrari
  • David Tuch
  • Edmond Sterpin
  • ferid haddad
  • Francesca Brero
  • Francesco Cicone
  • Fredrik John Carl Wenander
  • Gaia Pupillo
  • Gavardi Laura
  • Grigory Karateev
  • Ioanna Prionisti
  • Johanna Pitters
  • John Tello
  • Kristof Dockx
  • Kyungdon Choi
  • Liliana Mou
  • Liviu Penescu
  • Lucia Crespo Campo
  • Maddalena Maietta
  • Madelon Johannesma
  • Marina Nazarova
  • Mario Carante
  • Mehdi El Ais
  • monica cavallari
  • Nhat-Tan Vuong
  • Roberto Formento Cavaier
  • Sanjib Chowdhury
  • Serena Marta Valle
  • Silvia Bettarini
  • Simon Thomas Stegemann
  • Tanjil Amin
  • Thierry Stora
  • Thomas Elias Cocolios
  • Vadim Gadelshin
  • yunsheng dong
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