Opportunities and Challenges with Jets at LHC and beyond

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Recent years have brought about important advances in the experimental measurements and theoretical understanding of jet and heavy flavor production in hadronic and nuclear collisions. With results from the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) and Large Hadron Collider (LHC) proton-proton and heavy ion runs, this is the opportune time to continue the focused discussion between the high energy and nuclear physics communities on the understanding and interpretation of the data.  The goal of this workshop is to gather experts and new-commers to discuss progress of recent exciting developments, new ideas for future directions, and future challenges in jet and heavy flavor physics in high-energy heavy-ion collisions. The workshop is open to the community and we invite those interested to register as soon as possible.

The Workshop will be held on June 10-12th, 2018 in the Institute of Particle Physics, Central China Normal University, Wuhan, China. There is no registration fee and food will be provided by the workshop local host. Participants are responsible for the accommodation which can be arranged by the organizers at the request of the participants in the registration.

Organizers: Yaxian Mao, Guang-You Qin, Ben-Wei Zhang, Xin-Nian Wang, Daicui Zhou 

Secretaries: Ya Ma, Qiang Yuan

  • Andreas Morsch
  • Antinori Federico
  • Ao Luo
  • Ben-Wei Zhang
  • Caio Prado
  • Christine Nattrass
  • Daicui Zhou
  • Defu Hou
  • Duan She
  • Felix Ringer
  • Fengchu zhou
  • fenglei liu
  • Filip Krizek
  • Fuqiang Wang
  • Gongming Yu
  • Guang-You Qin
  • Guo-Liang Ma
  • Haidar Mas'ud Alfanda
  • Hanlin Li
  • heng miao
  • Hiwa Ahmed
  • Hua Pei
  • Jia Kai
  • Jiangyong Jia
  • Jin Hu
  • Jing Wang
  • Koichi Murase
  • Kunsu Oh
  • Lei Wang
  • Lei Wang
  • Li Yi
  • Lin Chen
  • Ling Huang
  • Maitreyee Mukherjee
  • Min He
  • Na Wu
  • Ning-Bo Chang
  • Paolo Bartalini
  • Peng Ru
  • Pengfei Zhuang
  • Rainer Fries
  • Ran Bi
  • Ran Xu
  • Robert Vertesi
  • Shang-Xing Li
  • Sheng-Qin Feng
  • Shuang Li
  • Shuwan Shen
  • Somnath Kar
  • Song Zhang
  • Tan Luo
  • Tatsuya Chujo
  • Wei Dai
  • Wei Xie
  • Weiyao Ke
  • Wenchang Xiang
  • Wenchao Zhang
  • wenjing Xing
  • Xiang-Yu Wu
  • Xiaofeng Luo
  • Xiaoming Zhang
  • Ya lei Tan
  • Yanbing Cai
  • Yang Li
  • Yaxian Mao
  • Ye-Yin Zhao
  • Yen-Jie Lee
  • Yitao Wu
  • Yongzhen Hou
  • Yu Guo
  • Yuanjing Ji
  • Yuanyuan Zhang
  • Yuncun He
  • Yuxing Dang
  • Zebo Tang
  • Zeyan Wang
  • Zhong Yang
  • Zuman Zhang
  • 刘 杨康
    • 08:00 08:30
    • 08:30 10:00
      Session I
      Convener: Daicui Zhou (Central China Normal University CCNU (CN))
      • 08:30
        Welcome Address 10m
        Speaker: Nu Xu (LBNL)
      • 08:40
        Experimental brainstorm: opportunities and challenges in jet measurements 40m
        Speaker: Andreas Morsch (CERN)
      • 09:20
        Theoretical brainstorm: opportunities and challenges in jet measurements 40m
        Speaker: Xin-Nian Wang (Central China Normal University (China)) / Lawrence Berkeley Na)
    • 10:00 10:30
      Break 30m
    • 10:30 12:00
      Session II
      Convener: Barbara Jacak (University of California Berkeley (US))
      • 10:30
        jet physics overview in ALICE 30m
        Speaker: Tatsuya Chujo (University of Tsukuba (JP))
      • 11:00
        Jet substructure observables involving hadrons and subjets 30m
        Speaker: Felix Ringer (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
      • 11:30
        Recent STAR Jet and High pT Results 30m
        Speaker: Li Yi (Yale University)
    • 12:00 14:00
      Lunch Break 2h
    • 14:00 15:30
      Session III
      Convener: Andreas Morsch (CERN)
      • 14:00
        jet-hadron correlations 30m
        Speaker: Christine Nattrass (University of Tennessee (US))
      • 14:30
        probing the QGP transport properties with jet correlations 30m
        Speaker: Mr Lin Chen (Central China Normal University)
      • 15:00
        h+jet correlations in ALICE 30m
        Speaker: Filip Krizek (Acad. of Sciences of the Czech Rep. (CZ))
    • 15:30 16:00
      Break 30m
    • 16:00 18:00
      Session IV
      Convener: Jiangyong Jia (Stony brook Universty (US))
      • 16:00
        Multiplicity-dependent jet modification in p+p collisions at LHC energies 30m
        Speaker: Robert Vertesi (Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HU))
      • 16:30
        Linear Boltzmann Transport for Jet propagation in the Quark Gluon Plasma 30m
        Speaker: Tan Luo (Central China Normal University)
      • 17:00
        Probing medium-induced jet splitting and energy loss in heavy-ion collisions 30m
        Speaker: Chang ningbo
      • 17:30
        $Z^0$-jet correlation with NLO-matched parton-shower and jet-medium interaction in high-energy nuclear collisions 30m
        Speaker: Mr Shanliang Zhang (Central China Normal University)
    • 18:00 20:00
      Reception at Guiyuan Hotel 2h
    • 08:30 10:00
      Session I
      Convener: Guang-You Qin (Central China Normal University)
      • 08:30
        Heavy flavors in heavy ion collisions 30m
        Speaker: Pengfei Zhuang (Tsinghua University)
      • 09:00
        Experimentral heavy flavor physics overview 30m
        Speaker: Zebo Tang (University of Science and Technology of China (CN))
      • 09:30
        Heavy Quarkonium Dissociation by Thermal Gluons at Next-to-leading in the Quark-Gluon Plasma 30m
        Speaker: Min He (Nanjing University of Science & Technology)
    • 10:00 10:30
      Break 30m
    • 10:30 12:00
      Session III
      Convener: Jinfeng Liao (Indiana University)
      • 10:30
        D-meson production in jets in pp and PbPb collisions with the CMS detector 30m
        Speaker: Jing Wang (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (US))
      • 11:00
        The Production and Angular Correlations of the $b\bar{b}$ Dijet in Pb+Pb collision at LHC 30m
        Speaker: Dr Wei Dai (China University of Geosciences)
      • 11:30
        HF jets and correlations with ALICE 30m
        Speaker: Xiaoming Zhang (Central China Normal University CCNU (CN))
    • 12:00 14:00
      Lunch Break 2h
    • 14:00 15:30
      Session II
      Convener: Pengfei Zhuang (Tsinghua University)
      • 14:00
        Measurements of open-bottom and -charm hadron productions with STAR detector 30m
        Speaker: Dr Kunsu Oh (Central China Normal University)
      • 14:30
        Calibrate a linear Boltzmann + Langevin hybrid heavy quark transport model in heavy-ion collisions at the LHC 30m
        Speaker: Weiyao Ke (Duke University)
      • 15:00
        Open HF in Pb-Pb collisions with ALICE 30m
        Speaker: Zuman Zhang (Central China Normal University CCNU (CN))
    • 15:30 16:00
      Break 30m
    • 16:00 18:00
      Session IV
      Convener: Sheng-Qin Feng (China Three Gorges University)
    • 18:00 21:00
      Workshop Banquet 3h
    • 08:30 10:00
      Session I
      Convener: Federico Antinori (Universita e INFN, Padova (IT))
    • 10:00 10:30
      Break 30m
    • 10:30 12:00
      Session II
      Convener: Xin-Nian Wang (Central China Normal University (China)) / Lawrence Berkeley Na)
      • 10:30
        Wrap up: prospective for heavy flavor physics 40m
        Speaker: Wei Xie (Purdue University (US))
      • 11:10
        Wrap up: Prospective for jet physics 40m
        Speaker: Yen-Jie Lee (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (US))
      • 11:50
        Close remark 10m
        Speakers: Ben-Wei Zhang (Central China Normal University), Xin-Nian Wang (Central China Normal University (China)) / Lawrence Berkeley Na)