Spanish High-School Students Internship Programme 2019



Jose Miguel Jimenez (CERN), Mar Capeans Garrido (CERN), Francisco Barradas-Solas (Comunidad de Madrid), Stavie Kotsi (CERN), Natalia Pagani (CERN)

The Spanish High-School Students Internship Programme 2019 will take place from 29 September - 12 October 2019. This programme is a unique opportunity for high-school students from CERN Member States to be introduced to CERN, its technologies and physics, as well as to learn through workshops and by shadowing, observing, and working with a member of personnel. 

CERN is looking forward to welcome the Spanish High-School Students here in Geneva, Switzerland!

Spanish High-School Students Internship Programme 2019:

In case of emergency: 

High-School Students Internship Programme Manager:
Stavie Kotsi: 0041 75 411 1096 (internal: 161096)
HSSIP Support:
Natalia Pagani: 0041 75 411 4493 (internal: 164493)

CERN fire brigade: 0041 22 76 74444 (internal: 74444)

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Administrative Support:

This timetable contains all the necessary information about the upcoming activities for HSSIP Germany.

Students are required to work in their assigned projects every day from 09:00 - 17:30. This means that after any activity i.e. visit or lecture, they are to return to their projects.

If you are running late or unable to go to the office due to external factors i.e. illness, please inform your supervisor.

It is recommended to check the timetable daily, as it is subject to change.

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