AIDA-2020 WP15 satellite meeting during 7th BTTB Workshop

1/1-025 (CERN)



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Federico Ravotti (CERN), Marcel Stanitzki (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE))

Good attendance:

-) 10 (+2) in the room;

-) Six connected via Vidyo


Sensors modules and cassettes can be ready in 02/2019, Test Beam in early February;

Insertion in the solenoid during 04/2019.


Claudio not anymore on AIDA funds. Paolo acknowledged the support of AIDA-2020.

BTF-1 is now running since September 2018 with PADME

Expected to complete BTF-2 line in April 2019 (D15.4)

Photon tagging commissioning expected on time


  1. D15.6: meeting for test-beam database during BTTB7
  2. D15.7: report in preparation, ready by January 2019
  3. D15.11: all chambers and spare parts available at CERN in May 2019 (this will complete D15.11) and installation by the end of 2019.



  1. WP15.2 supported 7th telescope and maintenance
  2. DESY asked the community for future needs
    1. Better time resolution: Ongoing integrations and documentations AIDA2020 extension
    2. Test-beam areas database


  1. D15.8 - the system is now operational in Birmingham;
  2. D15.9 - at JSI several users for the new facility (requested new funds for TA)
  3. D15.10 - gas lines available for new setup are limited / need to free 1 mixer to be used for the cosmic trigger. In a further proposal would be good to include money to hire manpower for the GIF++ gas system M&O.
  4. D15.11 - Plame team will come at GIF++ to test scintillators connected to the Berthold electronics.


Colleagues of Helsinki manifested intention to contribute to a possible new EU project (building cosmic-ray testing stand, etc.) ?

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