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8-12 September 2020
Daejeon Convention Center, Daejeon, South Korea
Asia/Seoul timezone

ACAT Organization

The International Advisory Committee

The current Chair of the IAC is Federico Carminati, with David Britton as chair-elect. The IAC consists of the following members:

Name Institute Country
Andrej Arbuzov BLTP JINR Russia
Pushpalatha Bhat Fermilab USA
David Britton Glasgow Univ. UK
Federico Carminati, SPC chair   CERN Switzerland
Gang Chen IHEP China
Denis Oliveira Damazio BNL USA
Bruce Denby U. Pierre et Marie Curie France
Latifa Elouadrhir Jefferson Lab USA
Junpei Fujimoto KEK Japan
Maria Girone CERN Switzerland
Gudrun Heinrich MPI-Munich Germany
Andrei Kataev INR Russia
Alexander Kryukov SINP Russia
Jerome Lauret BNL USA
Milos Lokajicek FZU Prague Czech Republic
Daniel Maitre Durham UK
Axel Naumann CERN Switzerland
Fons Rademakers CERN Switzerland
Grigory Rubtsov INR Russia
Luis Salinas UTFSM Chile
Jose Seixas Rio de Janeiro Federal Univ. Brazil
Liliana Teodorescu Brunel Univ. UK
Gordon T. Watts University of Washington USA
Monique Werlen LAPTH France

Scientific Program Committee

The SPC is responsible for the overall scientific content of the conference, running the abstract review process, and scheduling the plenary speakers.

The track coordinators are responsible for guiding the content, running the parallel sessions at the meeting, and helping organizing reviews of the proceedings.

Title Person
T1 Coordinator Gordon T. Watts
T1 Local convener Chang-Seong Moon
T1 Convener Daniel Hugo Campora, Patricia Mendez
T2 Coordinator Liliana Teodorescu
T2 Local convener Junghwan Goh
T2 Convener Erica Brondolin, Jennifer Ngadiuba
T3 Coordinator Daniel Maitre
T3 Local convener Myeonghun Park
T3 Convener Andrey Pikelner, Maria Ubiali
SPC Chair Federico Carminati (Axel Naumann is chair-elect) 
SPC-I (industry relations)   
SPC-E (outreach)  
SPC-W (Web)  
LOC Chairs Soonwook Hwang, Doris Kim
LOC-I (industry relations)  Kihyeon Cho
LOC-E (outreach) John J. Oh
LOC-W (Web) Doris Kim

Local Organizing Committee

Responsible for local organization and coordinator, the event spaces, food, and the general happiness of the conference attendees.

Chairs: Soonwook Hwang, Doris Kim

Sanghyeon Chang, Kihyeon Cho, Junghwan Goh, Youngman Kim, Chang-Seong Moon, Soonkeon Nam, John J. Oh, Myeonghun Park, Sunny Seo, Jinhee Yoon, Intae Yu