November 29, 2021 to December 3, 2021
Virtual and IBS Science Culture Center, Daejeon, South Korea
Asia/Seoul timezone

Poster Sessions


The deadline to upload poster images is November 24th.

November 24 Update: FAQ at the end.


The ACAT 2021 poster session will take place as two virtual events in Gather.Town. Please do not print your poster.

One session is more convenient for European participants, the other for American participants. Your poster will be displaying in both sessions.

Please make sure you use the time-zone selection in the top right to display in a time zone suitable for you!


For these sessions, your poster needs to be prepared as JPG or PNG in two sizes: as a preview and the full-sized image. The poster must correspond to one page.

Full-sized image:

  • The name of your file should be "abstractNumber_poster.jpg" or "abstractNumber_poster.png" to distinguish your contribution from others.
  • Minimum height is 600px.
  • Minimum width is 1000px.
  • Maximum file size is 3MB.
  • For example, an A0 portrait poster converted into an image file within the given guideline is good.
  • Do not use transparent background.
  • Recommended DPI is at least 72.

Preview image:

  • Named as "abstractNumber_preview.jpg" or "abstractNumber_preview.png".
  • This is a copy of the full-sized image that has been made smaller.
  • Recommended width is half of the main document.
  • Recommended height is half of the main document.


Please upload these images at your indico contribution page (see FAQ on how to find your page) as presentation material until November 24th Wednesday. Uploading an additional pdf version of your poster for the ACAT audience is also recommended.

Requirements for Contribution to Proceedings

You are welcome to be present at both sessions; we require you to be at your poster for at least one session to qualify for a submission to the proceedings: at ACAT, poster sessions aren't about showing a poster, but about discussing your poster with the audience, and that needs you!


Q: Should I include the ACAT logo in my poster?

A: It is not mandatory, though we would appreciate if you include the logo.


Q: What width and height of image do you recommend?

A: The file size, which should be less than 3 MB, depends on the compression method and the quality/complexity of embedded images and texts. Therefore, we just specified the minimum width and the minimum height separately. Please note that at 72 DPI, height of 600 px and width of 1000 px roughly corresponds to a 15 inch screen, which would be much smaller than a usual scientific research poster.


Q: Is the orientation of the poster portrait or landscape?

A: It is up to the author.


Q: How do I interact with audience during the poster sessions?

A: Stay in the private area assigned to your poster. You can have conversations and share screen with the people who enter this area. Screen share is another way to show your poster, in addition to your images posted at the room. Here is the Gather.Town instruction on how to share screen. 


Q: When can we enter the ACAT Gather.Town?

A: At the start of the workshop, we will send you the credetial to accss the ACAT Town. The town will be populated with the poster images downloaded from the indico before the opening.


Q: Should we upload the image files to the ACAT Gather.Town directly?

A: The answer is NO. Due to management and security reasons, we ask you to upload the material to your indico contribution page. LOC will download the image files en masse and upload them to the ACAT Gather.Town.


Q: Where can I find my indico contribution page?

A: Go to the Contribution List here.  In the search window, type your abstract number as #YourNumber or type your name. The search result will show your page.