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8-12 September 2020
Daejeon Convention Center, Daejeon, South Korea
Asia/Seoul timezone


How to get to Daejeon

Travelling by Airplane to South Korea

Incheon Airport is the major hub for international flights. Gimpo Airport serves international inter-city shuttles. Cheongju Airport is the nearest airport to Daejeon, but they serve limited number of inter-city shuttles.

Incheon Airport

Gimpo Airport


Travelling by Bus from Incheon Airport to Daejeon

The airport bus from Incheon Airport serves several stops in Daejeon. The nearest stop to DCC is the Government Complex stop. It takes 10 minutes by taxi from this stop to DCC during the low traffic time. For more information, search "Daejeon" here. Under the "Daejeon" tab, you will find the timetable and route information. We recommend buying the return ticket in advance when you arrive in Daejeon.

It takes 3 hours from Incheon Airport to the center of Daejeon by this bus.


Travelling by Train to Daejeon

Step 1) Both Incheon and Gimpo Airports are served by Airport Express (AREX) to Seoul Station. The system is similar to metropolitan subways. You do not have to buy a ticket in advance.

Step 2) From Seoul Station to Daejeon Station, take KTX. This express train to Daejeon leaves every 20 minutes from Seoul. Between Monday afternoon and Thursday, you do not have to buy a ticket in advance. But for Friday and weekends, please reserve your return ticket a few days in advance. KTX is fully booked during weekends.

Including transfer time, it takes 3 hours from Gimpo Airport to Daejeon Station. From Incheon Airport, it takes 30 minutes more. From Daejeon Station to DCC, it takes 30 minutes by taxi during low traffic time.

Trivia 1) Food selection at Seoul Station is very good.

Trivia 2) AREX runs at the deepest level under Seoul Station. When you get off from an AREX train, take the elevator and go all the way up to the second floor, where you can locate KTX trains.