September 4, 2020 to October 2, 2020
Europe/Athens timezone
After the physical conference, an internet only session took place 1 and 2 October 2020. This program appears in the timetable as well.

Workshop on Future of Fundamental Physics

Workshop on

 Future of Fundamental Physics


The briefing for this workshop was: “…to address the future of fundamental physics in an interdisciplinary manner. The workshop will outline future accelerators and experiments in High Energy Particle Physics as well as experimental facilities related to all subjects of ICNFP 2019, from particle physics to quantum optics, astrophysics and gravity”. This is a vast theme, and invariably only a small corner of subject space can be covered in two and a half days of a workshop. Nevertheless, we have amassed a good number of speakers, all of them experts in their field and holding positions of responsibility, who will be giving mostly review talks. Large infrastructure future projects will be discussed and the way to persuade society about their relevance will be addressed.

We will also have a round table discussion where you will get your chance to listen to the views of our panel members, all of them having an opinion that counts and who can shape our field.  After a brief statement by each of the panel members, the floor will be given to the audience with their questions.

Enjoy the workshop!

Michael Koratzinos,