The 40th International Symposium on Physics in Collision 2021

from Tuesday, September 14, 2021 (8:30 AM) to Friday, September 17, 2021 (12:50 PM)
Aachen, Germany (Lecture Hall)

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Sep 14, 2021
Sep 15, 2021
Sep 16, 2021
Sep 17, 2021
8:30 AM
Registration (until 9:30 AM) ()
9:30 AM
Plenary 1 (until 10:30 AM) (Lecture Hall)
9:30 AM Welcome - Mr Achim Stahl (RWTH Aachen University)   (Lecture Hall)
9:50 AM Heavy Ion Physics - Ms Marie Germain (Subatech, Nantes)   (Lecture Hall)
10:30 AM --- Coffee Break ---
11:00 AM
Plenary 1 (until 12:30 PM) (Lecture Hall)
11:00 AM Strong Interactions - Mr Christoph Royon (University of Kansas)   (Lecture Hall)
9:00 AM
Plenary 4 (until 10:40 AM) (Lecture Hall)
9:00 AM Higgs-boson production and decay - Prafulla Behera (Indian Inst. of Technol. Madras)   (Lecture Hall)
9:40 AM Higgs, Spin, Parity and CP - Mr Ximo Poveda Torres (University of Valencia)   (Lecture Hall)
10:10 AM Single and Multiple Top Production - Mr Nicola Orlando (University of Barcelona)   (Lecture Hall)
10:40 AM --- Coffee Break ---
11:00 AM
Plenary 4 (until 12:30 PM) (Lecture Hall)
11:00 AM Top-Quark Mass and Couplings - Ms Meenakshi Narain (Brown University)   (Lecture Hall)
11:30 AM W- and Z-Production - Mr Vincent Croft (Radboud University, Nijmegen)   (Lecture Hall)
12:00 PM Triple and Quartic Gauge Boson Couplings - Mr Riccardo Bellan (Univ. di Torino e Sez. dell'INFN, Italy)   (Lecture Hall)
9:00 AM
Plenary 5 (until 10:40 AM) (Lecture Hall)
9:00 AM Direct Search for Dark Matter - Marco Selvi (Univ. of Bologna)   (Lecture Hall)
9:40 AM Very High Energy Neutrinos - Ms Lisa Schumacher (TU München)   (Lecture Hall)
10:10 AM Atmospheric Neutrinos - Pablo Fernandez Menendez (Liverpool University)   (Lecture Hall)
10:40 AM --- Coffee Break ---
11:10 AM
Plenary 6 (until 12:30 PM) (Lecture Hall)
11:10 AM Long-Baseline Accelerator Neutrino Experiments - Mr Kirk Bays ( Illinois Institute of Technology)   (Lecture Hall)
11:50 AM Reactor Neutrino Experiments with km-Scale Baseline - Mr Philipp Soldin (RWTH Aachen University)   (Lecture Hall)
9:00 AM
Plenary 7 (until 10:20 AM) (Lecture Hall)
9:00 AM Neutrinos in Cosmology - Mr Julien Lesgourgues (RWTH Aachen University)   (Lecture Hall)
9:40 AM Axion Searches - Mr Stefan Knirck (FermiLab)   (Lecture Hall)
10:20 AM --- Coffee Break ---
10:50 AM
Plenary 7 (until 12:10 PM) (Lecture Hall)
10:50 AM Dark Energy - Mr Francis Bernardeau (Institut d'Astrophysique)   (Lecture Hall)
11:30 AM Gravitational Waves - Mr Ed Porter (APC Paris)   (Lecture Hall)
2:00 PM
Plenary 2 (until 4:00 PM) (Lecture Hall)
2:00 PM Spectroscopy - Mr Frank Nerling (GSI Darmstadt)   (Lecture Hall)
2:30 PM Kaon Decays - Mr Karim Massri (CERN)   (Lecture Hall)
3:00 PM g - 2 - Mr Matteo Sorbara (Universita di Roma)   (Lecture Hall)
3:30 PM Searches for Charged Lepton Flavour Violation - Mr Marcello Rotondo (INFN Frascati)   (Lecture Hall)
4:00 PM --- Coffee Break ---
4:30 PM
Plenary 2 (until 6:00 PM) (Lecture Hall)
4:30 PM b - physics - Mr Peter Krizan (Institute Jozef Stefan, Ljubljana)   (Lecture Hall)
5:15 PM c - physics - Ms Jolanta Brodzicka (Polish Academy of Sciences)   (Lecture Hall)
2:00 PM
Plenary 3 (until 4:00 PM) (Lecture Hall)
2:00 PM SUSY - Searches - Mr Soham Bhattacharya (DESY)   (Lecture Hall)
2:30 PM Searches for BSM Higgs Signatures - Ms Hale Sert (Istanbul University)   (Lecture Hall)
3:00 PM Searches for Exotic Phenomena - Ms Emma Torro Pastor (Universitat de Valencia)   (Lecture Hall)
3:30 PM Model-Indepenedent Searches - Ms Ana Rosario Cueto Gomez (CERN)   (Lecture Hall)
4:00 PM --- Coffee Break ---
4:15 PM
Posters (until 5:55 PM) (Lecture Hall)
4:15 PM b jet identification at the CMS High Level Trigger at the HL-LHC - Mr Sebastian Wuchterl   (Lecture Hall)
4:15 PM First differential cross section measurement of the associated production of a single top quark and a Z boson at the CMS Experiment - Ms Federica Colombina (DESY)   (Lecture Hall)
4:15 PM Measurement of the CP-violating phase ‑phi_s in B0_s -> J/psi phi at ATLAS - Mr Lukas Novotny   (Lecture Hall)
4:35 PM Background reduction via angular-selective electron detection at KATRIN - Ms Sonja Schneidewind   (Lecture Hall)
4:35 PM Belle II Alignment in 2021 Data Reprocessing - Mr Tadeas Bilka   (Lecture Hall)
4:35 PM OSIRIS Subsystem des JUNO Experiments - Mr Oliver Pilarczyk   (Lecture Hall)
4:55 PM First directional detection of sub-MeV solar neutrinos in the liquid scintillator detector by Borexino - Ms Apeksha Singhal (FZ Jülich)   (Lecture Hall)
4:55 PM Physics potential of the JUNO experiment - Mr Kampmann Philipp   (Lecture Hall)
4:55 PM Search for keV-scale Sterile Neutrinos with first KATRIN Data - Mr Anton Huber (KIT)   (Lecture Hall)
5:15 PM First Experimental Evidence of CNO Cycle Solar Neutrinos by Borexino - Mr Ömer Penek (FZ Jülich)   (Lecture Hall)
5:15 PM LUXE: A new experiment to study non-perturbative QED in electron-LASER and photon-LASER collisions - Mr John Hallford (DESY / University College London) Ms Jenny List (DESY)   (Lecture Hall)
5:15 PM Towards a Software-Adaptable Receiver Chain for Particle Detectors - Mr Florian Rössing (FZ Jülich)   (Lecture Hall)
5:35 PM Characterization of the JUNO Large-PMT readout electronics - Ms Katharina von Sturm (INFN Padova)   (Lecture Hall)
5:35 PM The T2K ND280 upgrade - Mr Nick Thamm (RWTH Aachen University)   (Lecture Hall)
6:00 PM
Excursion (until 7:30 PM) (Lecture Hall)
2:00 PM
Plenary 6 (until 3:40 PM) (Lecture Hall)
2:00 PM Latest Results from the Search for Sterile Neutrinos - Mr Pranava Surukuchi (Yale University)   (Lecture Hall)
2:30 PM Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay - Ms Katharina von Sturm (INFN Padova)   (Lecture Hall)
3:10 PM Electron Neutrino Effective Mass - Mr Magnus Schlösser (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie)   (Lecture Hall)
3:40 PM --- Coffee Break ---
4:00 PM
Plenary 6 (until 5:40 PM) (Lecture Hall)
4:00 PM Global Fit of Neutrino Oscillation Parameters - Thomas Schwetz-Mangold (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie)   (Lecture Hall)
4:40 PM Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering - Mr Jing Liu (University of South Dakota )   (Lecture Hall)
5:00 PM Solar Neutrinos - Mr Marcin Misiaszek (INFN Gran Sasso)   (Lecture Hall)
5:20 PM Geo-Neutrinos - Ms Virginia Strati (INFN Ferrara)   (Lecture Hall)
6:00 PM
Excursion (until 7:00 PM) (Lecture Hall)
7:30 PM
Conference Dinner (until 9:30 PM) ()
12:10 PM
Farewell (until 12:25 PM) (Lecture Hall)
12:10 PM PIC 2022 - Mr Revaz Shandize (Tbilisi State University)   (Lecture Hall)