An intelligent Data Delivery Service for and beyond the ATLAS experiment

May 18, 2021, 3:00 PM
Short Talk Distributed Computing, Data Management and Facilities Storage


Wen Guan (University of Wisconsin (US))


The intelligent Data Delivery Service (iDDS) has been developed to cope with the huge increase of computing and storage resource usage in the coming LHC data taking. iDDS has been designed to intelligently orchestrate workflow and data management systems, decoupling data pre-processing, delivery, and main processing in various workflows. It is an experiment-agnostic service around a workflow- oriented structure to work with existing and emerging use cases in ATLAS and other experiments. Here we will present the motivation for iDDS, its design schema and architecture, use cases and current status, and plans for the future.

Primary authors

Wen Guan (University of Wisconsin (US)) Tadashi Maeno (Brookhaven National Laboratory (US)) Brian Paul Bockelman (University of Wisconsin Madison (US)) Torre Wenaus (Brookhaven National Laboratory (US)) Fa-Hui Lin (University of Texas at Arlington (US)) Siarhei Padolski (BNL) Rui Zhang (University of Wisconsin Madison (US)) Aleksandr Alekseev (Universidad Andres Bello (CL))

Presentation materials