Review and Proceedings

Published Proceedings

The vCHEP2021 conference proceeings are now published!

Instructions (archive)

The vCHEP2021 conference proceedings will be published in European Physical Journal (EPJ) Web of Conferences (as were the proceedings for CHEP2018 and CHEP2019).

The papers which were submitted to vCHEP will be reviewed using the Editing Module in Indico. The conference organisers will then take the final approved papers and pass them to the EPJ editorial office.

Getting Started

To access the review page for your paper please:

  1. Go to the conference page for your contribution (via the menu link My Conference -> My Contributions)
  2. Find the link at the bottom of the page entitled Editing
  3. Click on "Go to timeline"

If you do not find your paper under My Contributions please contact the vCHEP PC Chairs.

The Review Process

After the initial review of papers for vCHEP one or more reviewers comments have been uploaded into a CERNBox folder that is dedicated for your paper. This may include a text file of comments and/or an annotated PDF.

By 4 June we ask you to upload:

  1. Your revised paper (if needed - a few papers needed no changes, so well done!)
  2. A signed copy of the publication rights file
    1. You will find a suitable template file in this CERNBox folder:

Important: you cannot upload a revised version of the paper withot also uploading the publication rights. Once the publication rights are uploaded additional revisions of the paper can be uploaded as many times as needed.

If your paper needs a review of English please find a native speaker to help you - it is not fair to give that burden to referees of the scientific content.

Your changes will be checked by the paper's referee. You may be asked for additional changes.

We have a final deadline of 25 June for accepting final revisions for the proceedings.

If your paper is being reviewed internally by your collabration please submit a revision to us, but make it clear that there is an internally reviewed version to come.

If your paper is selected for publication in CSBS (you know who you are) the process is different and we comunicated this to you separetely.


  • 3 May - initial papers and reviews available in Indico Editing Module
  • 4 June - second revisions of papers and upload of publication rights
  • 25 June - final versions of papers

After passing the final bundle of papers to EPJ, publication will take a few months.