Guide for Participants

Welcome to vCHEP2021!

We are very happy that you are joining us in this virtual edition of the Computing in High Energy Physics conference series! We have many great talks planned in the plenary and parallel sessions, and looking forward to interesting presentations and lively discussion.

This short guide will help you get the most out of vCHEP, and ensure we all enjoy an interesting and successful conference.

Joining The Conference Sessions

vCHEP conference sessions take place on Zoom. To find the Zoom room that corresponds to the session you want to join please check the list of rooms. Important: you must sign in to Indico using your registration account to see the room links!
If you click on the link for the session your Zoom client should start automatically and join that session.

The Zoom client is very easy to use, but if you haven't experienced it before there is a lot of help available. We strongly recommend that you update your Zoom client to the latest version to have access to all features and to avoid problems.

We recommend that you set your name in Zoom to be: Your Full Name (Your Affiliation; optionally your preferred pronouns). e.g.

Graeme Stewart (CERN; he/him)

To rename yourself once you've joined a Zoom room, go to the "Participants" list, find yourself at the top of the list, and click on the "More -> Rename" button.

Closed captions will be enabled and you can hide or view them using the "Live Transcript -> Subtitle" option in your client.

Etiquette and Participating in the Discussion

Please keep your camera off and microphone muted during the session, unless you are asking a question.

If you want to ask a question or make a comment please use the "Raise Hand" button in Zoom. The session chair will invite you to speak when it is your turn, which will always happen after the speaker has finished their presentation. Please do not just unmute and start speaking, the sessions are too busy for an open mic free-for-all.

You can also ask a question using the Mattermost Chat channel for your session (you need to first join the Mattermost team using the link that is attached to the Conference Materials, then refer to this guide; the channels are also linked to the session materials). Please note that we will prioritise raised hands in Zoom, so you can ask the question in Mattermost and raise your hand - that will work well.

The beauty of the Mattermnost chat is that it can be used to continue the discussion after the live talk slot has ended, so do feel free to ask the speakers additional questions there (do read the usage tips though - particularly using the Reply feature to thread a discussion correctly, and notifying the speaker with @speaker tag).

In all discussions and interactions at vCHEP we thank you very much for being respectful, courteous and following the Code of Conduct.

Certificates of Attendance

Please note that we will not be providing certificates of attendance.