Instructions for Presenters

We encourage all the speakers to take note of the following guidelines.

Uploading material 

We'll be using Indico to run the meeting. Please make sure you can find your talk at and that you have the correct Indico account linked to your presentation.  Check now that you can upload material.

Speakers should upload their presentations to the Indico agenda at 24 hours before their session. Please make this a persistent PDF copy, not a link. This allows participants to see the slides in advance and allows the session chairs can download the share the slides (if the speaker has any difficulties in doing this themselves).

Please feel free to optionally upload any additional material which you deem relevant for your presentation. E.g. you can upload the draft version of the paper you used at submission time (or a link to it on arXiv or Zenodo).

Mattermost channels

There will be a Mattermost channel for each session, to allow discussion among participants to the conference. The Mattermost link will be available in the corresponding session description on Indico or listed in this page.

Speakers should make sure that they

  • Join the Mattermost Team in advance, the link that you can find as a Conference Material (you have to login to Indico to get access).
  • Join the Mattermost Public Channel for your session, again in advance, so that you can follow the discussion and answer any questions

Take note of the usage tips, particularly using the Reply feature so that each conversation is properly threaded (otherwise the channel becomes too confusing!).


The plenary and parallel sessions of vCHEP2021 will take place on Zoom. The Zoom rooms have been already created by the conference organisers, and the link and passwords will be avalable in Indico to  registered participants of the conference. Please upgrade your Zoom client to the latest version.

The sessions will be recorded. Zoom will inform you that the session is being recorded when you connect to the meeting room.

All chairs and speakers should join the session at least 10 minutes before the start of the session. Please, test your audio, screen sharing and camera in advance. If bandwidth allows, we prefer that speakers enable their camera during their talk (this is not obligatory, if you have any reservations in doing so we respect that).

Speakers will screen-share their presentation using the Share Screen function in Zoom while presenting. When using the Zoom app, click on the green Share Screen button at the bottom center of the Zoom screen. Then select the window that you'd like to share. Optionally you can ask the meeting chairs to share slides for you (use Mattermost - see below) if there is a technical reason to do that.

We will have some test sessions on May 10-12 to allow speakers to validate their audio/video setup. We strongly encourage all speakers to attend them, so to ensure that the conference runs smoothly. See for details of these sessions.

Oral presentations

There will be one single speaker for each presentation, even plenary ones.

All plenary session talks are 22 minutes + questions

All parallel session talks are 8 minutes + questions.

As always, please stay within the allocated time. The session chair will also remind you about the time left (at 2' to go for parallel talks, 5' to go for plenary).

We recommend that you setup a countdown timer on your phone that will help you keep track of time during your talk.