Software framework for the Super Charm-Tau factory detector project

May 19, 2021, 11:16 AM
Short Talk Offline Computing Software


Anastasiia Zhadan (BINP)


The project of Super Charm-Tau (SCT) factory --- a high-luminosity
electron-positron collider for studying charmed hadrons and tau lepton
--- is proposed by Budker INP. The project implies single collision point
equipped with a universal particle detector. The Aurora software
framework has been developed for the SCT detector. It is based on
trusted and widely used in high energy physics software packages, such
as Gaudi, Geant4, and ROOT. At the same time, new ideas and
developments are employed, in particular the Aurora project benefits a
lot from the turnkey software for future colliders (Key4HEP)
initiative. This paper describes the first release of the Aurora
framework, summarizes its core technologies, structure and roadmap for
the near future.

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