Daisy: Data analysis integrated software system for X-ray experiments

May 18, 2021, 10:50 AM
Short Talk Online Computing Software


Haolai Tian (Institute of High Energy Physics)


Daisy (Data Analysis Integrated Software System) has been designed for the analysis and visualization of the X-ray experiments. To address an extensive range of Chinese radiation facilities community’s requirements from purely algorithmic problems to scientific computing infrastructure, Daisy sets up a cloud-native platform to support on-site data analysis services with fast feedback and interaction. The plugs-in based application is convenient to process the expected high throughput data flow in parallel at next-generation facilities such as the High Energy Photon Source (HEPS). The objectives, functionality and architecture of Daisy are described in this article.

Primary authors

Haolai Tian (Institute of High Energy Physics) yu hu (IHEP) Ms ling Li (Institute of High Energy physics) Zhibin Liu (Institute of High Energy Physis,Chinese Academy of Science) Qiulan Huang (Institute of High Energy of Physics, CAS) Dr Yi Zhang (Institute of High Energy physics) Hao Hu (Institute of High Energy of Physics) Qi Fazhi (IHEP)

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